Yoni meaning

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yoni meaning

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Save Word. Log In. Definition of yoni. First Known Use of yoniin the meaning defined above. History and Etymology for yoni Sanskrit, vulva. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about yoni.Top definition. Yoni unknown. The Sanskrit word for female genitals. Translates to " source of all life" or " sacred space.

May I please enter your yoni? She let me touch her sweet yoni last night. The female reproductive organ. A stylized euphemism for 'vagina'.

What Does Yoni Mean? It’s Important For Women To Know

A vagina. They said yoni on the daily show. The coolest person you will ever meet. Often Referred to as " That nigga " Will choke someone if you do stupid things. Yo that man Yoni? He be that nigga.

In the night he lurks in the shadows watching HBO Latino. Hates all races, including his own. Looks up to White Supremacist Wayne as a roll model. Believes strongly in the usage of the "N" word. Chronic masturbater. Vocabulary consists of "say somethin'" and "yo man". Compares himself to Negrodomis. Has carried the same condom in his wallet since Makes God-like predictions. Once deep throated an entire banana. Abstinent, but not by choice.Yoni is translated from Sanskrit as the sacred temple.

And it refers to the female genitalia, vulva. I bet you will agree that none of it really expresses the magic, power and sacredness that is within the most feminine part of the female body. It is a place from where all life originated. It is a cosmic gate through which we all came here.

It is the most feminine part of our body. The most receptive, the most sensitive… So if we want to establish a deep connection with the feminine, yoni is the place where we should start. A yoni puja is a sacred tantric ritual during which the yoni is worshipped. We express adoration for the feminine principle, we express our complete love and appreciation of the feminine essence in all her forms. This ritual originated in India, thousands of years ago.

There are many various forms in which this ritual can be performed. An important prerequisite for worshipping the yoni is the purification of the mind from worldly ideas about yoni, of the shame and guilt most of us carry. With the yoni puja we express reverence in front of the mystery of the Universe, of Shakti, the divine mother. The ritual can be performed on a symbol: a sculpture or an object representing a yoni… or on a yoni in her living form. A yoni puja can be an incredible gift that you can offer to your female partner or friend.

A woman can also perform a yoni puja for herself. It is extremely powerful to perform it on a real yoni. But if you are not comfortable with it, or the circumstances are not appropriate for whatever reason, performing on a symbol is also very beautiful.

There are specific phases that are traditionally included in the the yoni puja, which I am not going to share here because it is an extremely esoteric body of knowledge that may be misused by someone who is not capable of holding the sacredness of this profound ritual.

I encourage you to experiment with creating your own ritual in a way that speaks to your heart. It is very important to keep the attitude of love and devotion towards the Shakti, the Mother in all her forms throughout the entire ritual. In my Tantra online course I offer a full esoteric transmission and step by step guidance of Yoni and Lingam Puja.

Check out my course here. Sofia Sundari is a bestselling author, transformational leader and founder of the Priestess School and the Serpent Mystery School. She helps people all over the world return to their original erotic innocence, power and love. What does the word yoni mean? What is yoni, really? Yoni is a portal to life. And here are some suggestions.

Start by preparing the physical space and transforming it into a sacred space.

Enhancing Our Yoni Egg Practice & Feminine Health

Use candles, beautiful fabrics, fragrant oils and flowers to set up the space. Once everything is ready we may utter some words expressing our devotion to the Universal mother, offer her prayers.

Then we move into the phase of silent contemplation — gazing at the yoni or the symbol with love, honor and reverence. Make offerings to the yoni as a symbol of the Goddess or the Mother of the Universe.

6 Steps of the Yoni Puja: The Worship of the Feminine Essence

You may offer her candles, incense, flowers. Stage 5 can be the ending meditation phase. Here we are silently contemplating the mystery of the Shakti, the divine mother. And an extra bonus — Yoni and Lingam Massage! This information is not available anywhere else on the internet.Yoni is the Sanskrit term that symbolizes the Hindu goddess, Shakti, who is the representation of feminine power.

Consort of Shiva, Shakti is considered the divine force and the divine mother. According to Tantric texts, yoni is the source of life. Yoni has been worshipped since ancient times, along with linga. Yoni mudra is one of the yogic seals that may be used while meditating. Yoni, the creative power, is a part of the shiva linga, which represents Shiva and Shakti.

The base of the linga is the yoni, representing the female sex organ. Shiva linga symbolizes the union of creative energies of Shiva and Shakti, or male and female. Tantric teachings do not consider yoni just as a female sex organ, but associate it with the Divine power. Shiva, the god of destruction, is all-powerful only when he is with Shakti, the source of life or creation.

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Toggle navigation Menu. Yoni Last Updated: April 15, Definition - What does Yoni mean? Learn More. Yogapedia explains Yoni Yoni, the creative power, is a part of the shiva linga, which represents Shiva and Shakti. Share this:.

Related Terms. Related Articles. Cultivating Yoga Community During the Pandemic. The Yogic Practice of Losing Control. Unlocking the Stress in Your Body.What does Yoni mean and why is it important for women to know the meaning?

Is the word Yoni new to you? This word is important for every woman to know. And depicts how women should hold their female anatomy… in high regard. This word can be spoken publicly without a negative connotation attached to it, quite the contrary, especially if the meaning is known. I would like to encourage you to use the word Yoni when referring to your female parts.

yoni meaning

When you use the word Yoni it refers to the whole of your female anatomy. Words are powerful. Using this word helps you to claim the whole your femininity as sacred.

What type of relationship do you have with your female genitalia? Take a moment to think about it. Our culture is saturated with sexual shame. And women have often been the target and scapegoat for the sexual shame that exists in our culture. To claim our power is not to be like a man.

And really knowing deep inside literally that you hold something very healing, mystical, and sacred between your legs. What does Yoni mean can become more clear when you embrace the word as start using it in your day to day vocabulary. When talking about your female anatomy and I suggest you do that regularly use the word Yoni.

Your Yoni is not to be taken casually or put in the background… especially in your intimate relationship. Your Yoni should be upfront and center state in your intimate relationship. I want to encourage you to hold your Yoni in reverence. I think our society is taking a long time to learn that and my teachings are all about embodying this sacredness of our womanhood. And it starts with you claiming the sacredness of the deepest part of you… your Yoni. Translated it means Wand of Light.

And a wand of light is exactly what women need in order to awaken their divine feminine and creative healing force onto the planet. Are you putting up with an unconscious lover? What women have had are swords instead of wands of light. A sword that has raped, pillaged, impregnated and abandoned. We carry this historical memory in the tissues of our Yoni.

As we empower our younger women we empower the world. Your sexuality creates your reality. This is the work we all, both men and women, need to be doing however statistics show that when you empower women you empower the whole community. So women, claim your sacred space. Learn how to use your feminine energy to connect with a man in an empowering way.

What resonated most with you in this article and why? Leave a comment below and let me know.While yoni massage is both sensual and pleasurable, the intent is not to bring the woman to orgasm but to awaken her awareness of her own sexuality and generate a bond of trust and intimacy with her partner 1.

According the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, one in six women will experience sexual assault in their lifetime 2. This means that one in six women have been, or will be, in situations where control of their own sexual response is taken away from them. This could be rape, inappropriate touching or a sexual partner who takes things too far.

yoni meaning

Some women may move on from these experiences unscathed, while others may internalize their trauma and disconnect from their bodies and their sexuality. Yoni massage helps these women learn to trust their partners and empowers them to regain control over their own sexuality 1.

Beyond survivors of sexual trauma, anyone can benefit from yoni massage 1. All women, regardless of sexual history, benefit by getting in touch with their own arousal and learning to trust their partners with their most intimate of spaces.

Men benefit by becoming familiar with their partners' bodies and sexual response. Men also benefit by learning to touch women in a giving and honoring way.

Yoni massage is not gender specific, and partners of all sexual orientations can benefit from the bonding and trust building that yoni massage provides 1. Orgasm is a welcome benefit, but it is not the intent or focus of the yoni massage 1. The reason orgasm is not the intent is that the massage then becomes about the orgasm and about the person doing the massage and not the woman and her awakening 1.

If the massage has a goal, then the person doing the massage will focus more on that goal and may do things to achieve that goal that make the woman uncomfortable. He may even ignore her body language, breathing and verbal cues in favor of what he thinks needs to happen to achieve that goal. There is also the issue of patience. If orgasm becomes the goal both partners, may rush the process in order to meet that goal. The whole point of the yoni massage is not to reach a destination but to experience the journey, however long it takes, together 1.

The woman needs to be able to trust the most intimate part of her body to her partner, so the key to yoni massage is that the woman is always in control 1. Some women may be very vocal, while others may not. In turn, the woman needs to be open and honest with her feelings and communicate fully with her partner.

That she can open herself up and trust her partner to respect her needs. Throughout the massage, both partners need to be mindful of their breathing—taking care to avoid holding the breath or shallow breathing.

Yoni massage in done in a comfortable and safe space 1. The room should be warm enough to be comfortable naked, and the area should be free from distractions and interruptions. Play soft relaxing music, if desired, but the music should not distract focus from each other.

Both partners should focus on each other and make eye contact. The woman should recline in a comfortable position, propped up on pillows so that she can see both her vagina and her partner.If you have never had a Yoni Massage I will teach you the art of slow, deep-breathing.

yoni meaning

The Kilted Massage Man is here to make those of you born with a Yoni a very special offer. When both sides of the yoni are rubbed in this way, it is called the "blow of a bull. When the yoni is lowered, and the upper part of it is struck with the lingam, it is called "piercing. Its form is that of the vesica piscis, one of the most common emblems of the yoni. The phallus and lingum or lingum and yonithe point within the circle or diameter within the circle.

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Origin of yoni Borrowed into English from Sanskrit around — Words nearby yoni yonderyong loyongeyongjiayongningyoniyonkersyonksyonneyonnieyoo-hoo. The Kama Sutra of Vatsyayana Vatsyayana. Word Origin for yoni C from Sanskrit, literally: vulva, womb.