Stages shimano grx

Stages are expanding its power meter business by offering a range of new options for Shimano users. If you are a follower of the Japanese drivetrain brand, you'll be thrilled with the news that Stages has small fresnel lens its product coverage of Shimano's product portfolio. For road riders who have embraced gravel bikesStages finally has a power meter option for Shimano's GRX crankset.

All Stages power meters are IPX7 standard water resistant, so your gravel bike route with one of these new GRX crank sensors, never has to be weather limited. In terms of weight burden, the Stages power meter only weighs 20g, which is negligible.

Although these are traditionally more robust mountain bike cranksthey have found favour with those gravel bikers who feel comfortable repurposing a stronger mountain chrome autoplay whitelist component for lighter duty use. The broadened choice of Shimano power metes will give grateful gravel bikes many options, although the absence of a dual-sided GRX variant might annoy those who pine for the most accurate data harvesting.

Sign up to the Cyclingnews Newsletter. You can unsubscribe at any time. For more information about how to do this, and how we hold your data, please see our privacy policy. Cyclingnews The World Centre of Cycling. Cyclingnews Newsletter.Gravel is big right now. Really big. With one glaring ommission: Shimano. Now, after years of secret research and development, Shimano is joining in on the gravel party in a big way.

More than just additions to current product families, the have an entirely new GRX category of products solely focused on gravel riding and racing. So why introduce a completely new family dedicated to gravel? The riding is too different. A gravel-centric group is a great idea, but why 11 speed at a time when everyone is going to 12? Not only that, but retaining the ability to run existing cassettes and chains means there is no need for new hubs, freehubs, and many of the parts will work with current road components making it a lot easier to upgrade your current bike to perform better off road and on gravel.

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the entire GRX family of drivetrains. Technically there are four different tiers of products with unique attributes that make for a dizzying product matrix. Available in 1x or 2x configurations, there are two different rear derailleurs:. So, if you have a really flat course and want smaller gear steps, you could swap your 2x to a 1x for the day. There are also two rear derailleurs here for the same reason — RX for doubles, and RX for 1x.

Finally, the RX group takes many similar features and packages them into a speed group with mechanical shifting and hydraulic brakes. For example the speed GRX shifters would work with a current Ultegra rear derailleur, or vice versa. As mentioned, the groups all use current cassettes and chains, so the speed GRX components can be used with any speed Shimano road cassette and chain, and the 10 speed GRX components can be used with any 10 speed Shimano road cassette and chain.

In terms of gearing, Shimano found that riders were mostly happy with the high gearing most groups offered, but almost everyone wanted the option of lower gearing as well. That makes a t crankset possible when used with their new front derailleurs that can handle the increased range.

But you also get to keep the t combination for descents or those days with the perfect tailwind. While the higher end RX crankset will only be offered in t, the RX will be available in an even lower t combination. This makes a t low gear possible for even more of a bailout gear. RX cranks will be sold in Both the RX and the RX will also be available in 1x configurations with a single 40t chainring RX also has a 42t option.

These use the same crank arm for either 1x or 2x configurations so they can be converted to the other option in the future, and they use a mm asymmetric BCD for the outer ring, and 80mm BCD for the inner. The RX is nearly identical to the RX with the same gearing, lengths, and specs, just with 10 speed specific chainrings. And one that has the right chainline.

stages shimano grx

The RX is an speed Di2 front derailleur with a 17t capacity that weighs g. For speed mechanical, the RX is the answer with a 94g weight. And the RX front derailleur has a 16t total capacity and 95g weight for the speed unit.

Because options, people. Up front, the Dual Control levers are another area that Shimano has worked to integrate a gravel specific design.Any suggestions would be appreciated. Not fussed about dual side, and want the best bang for buck. Not ideal because the arms not symmetric but it would work.

Thanks for this…I do care about matching though. Vain perhaps…appreciate the recommendation!

Shimano GRX Detailed & Demoed - The First Gravel Specific Groupset

Dealing with same issue here - and a stages PM is unlikely to clear the chainstay of my new Felt Breed. My current options at the top of the list are the favero assioma hack or changing the crank to an easton cinch system and PM. The rotor3d 24 is the hollow tech compatible crack option for p2m. You could also get Garmin Vector, or Power Tap pedals and just use a pair of road shoes and cleats. I use mostly road cleats and pedals on my Gravel bike for long rides.

Very light and smooth over long efforts. Most true gravel rides have very little need for SPD. The other option would be to go to an old school Power Tap hub. I think you can find someone getting rid of one fairly cheap.

I imagine 4iii will come out with something soon. Or, ship your non drive side crank arm to a buddy in the States, and have him send it to Stages.

I went with an Easton crank using their spindle-based PM. Not sure it matters in the real world, but Shimano moved the chain mine out 2. My understanding was that the changes on GRX were all drive side. Anyway, went a different option in the end! Hm, odd. I bought a Felt Broam with GRX and swapped out the new left crank with my old crank that already had a 4iiii installed, and it works and rides just fine.

The Breed may indeed have a frame clearance issue e.The goal of this series is not to give in-depth reviews of products, but rather to highlight the few things that really matter and to solve a technical problem you may have with getting these part to do what you want.

A small preview of things to come appeared last year, when Shimano introduced Ultegra RX, a few gravel components that you could combine with regular Ultegra parts. But it lacked the wide range cassettes and 1x options to really be a serious alternative in this SRAM-dominated gravel market.

stages shimano grx

This year, Shimano is serious. GRX is a groupset designed from the ground up for gravel, with proper 1x and 2x options, wide range cassettes and some clever features. And within those, they also have a few different versions. This can make it confusing. In general the speed bikes are sort of Tiagra level, the speed bikes are more Ultegra level. Of course ergonomics are subjective, but a lot of people will love how these levers feel on the hoods. And Shimano has also changed the angle of the levers and the pivot point to make it much easier to brake from the hood position.

As you can see above, the mechanical and Di2 versions are different. I prefer the mechanical shape, it feels more natural in your hand. The difference over regular Shimano road shifters is remarkable; this is really a major step forward. And there is no reason to restrict this to gravel, you can put them on your dedicated road bike too if you like them.

You can run Shimano cassettes, or for those who want a bit tighter range. You can even run a SRAM cassette.

That is not endorsed by Shimano but it works flawlessly in our lab and outside. Shimano says no, I say go. And for 2x, it needs be able to store both the tooth-delta of the cassette AND the delta between the front rings. For the 1x rear derailleurs mentioned before, the capacity is 31T, which is already used up by just an cassette. You can go a little further which is why the T cassette also worksbut it cannot handle another 16 links that you gain or lose when you shift between the front rings.

This means the biggest cassette you can run with this setup is But it may come at a cost. On gravel bikes with dropped chainstays which means pretty much every gravel bike, since they all copied the OPEN UP and 3T Exploro that pioneered ita 30T inner ring puts the chain very close to the chainstay.

So you need to be very careful in the setup to make sure that the chain length and chain tension keep the chain from swinging into it. Another way around that is to ignore the T max cassette size Shimano recommends and install an This works on most bikes without a problem.

But it certainly works on an Exploro and on other bikes, you can always try with the cheapest T cassette you can find. Going beyond the Shimano gear range recommendation for 2x? Shimano says no, I say ….Any lingering doubts about the staying power of the gravel cycling phenomenon will likely be put to rest following the latest drivetrain release from Shimano.

Looks like this gravel thing is here to stay. Top line features include gravel-tuned gearing ratios, off-road friendly ergonomics, dropper post integration, and gravel-specific Shimano GRX aluminum wheels with wider rim profiles. Options include mechanical and Di2 at what is essentially Ultegra level, plus two lower priced offerings.

And in addition to the top end for now Shimano GRX series, there are also two lower cost speed components: a series crank and set of shifters, which can be mixed with level parts. Pair that with an cassette, and you get an exceptionally low climbing gear, while still providing a ratio that will help you keep speed on downhills and tailwind riding scenarios.

The RX series cranks also come in a single chainring option. No longer can we call it riding road bikes offroad. This is something entirely different. They are available in mechanical and Di2 versions. The GRX rear derailleur is designed to be quiet and secure, while also delivering the precision shifting Shimano is known for. Shimano GRX rear derailleurs are available in short T low or long cage T low options for use with either road or mountain bike cassettes depending on the ideal range.

RX rear derailleurs are available in both mechanical or Di2 configurations. The new GRX dual control levers feature a gravel-specific ST design for optimal braking from the hoods thanks to the brake lever axis being raised by 18mm, as demonstrated in the image below. Additionally, the curved brake lever design improves brake feel and power. And to further improve grip the brake levers are encased with a unique anti-slip texture application.

Shimano GRX also includes a new hydraulic sub-brake lever for mounting on the top of the handlebars think mountain bike levers. The use of an integrated cable pulling system allows for 9mm lever throw to operate a dropper post. Meanwhile, the GRX hydraulic disc brake calipers are flat mount design offered in premium series and series.

Last but not least are the new Shimano GRX aluminum wheels, which are available in c and b, and feature a wider Click on the image to enlarge. To learn more head over to bike.

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stages shimano grx

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Get the latest road bike reviews, news, race results, and much more by signing up for the Roadbikereview Newsletter. Login Register.The power meter is preassembled on a left Shimano FC-RX crank arm and, after the correct crank length has been selected, can be exchanged extremely quickly and easily for the left crank arm of the existing crankset. A great advantage over other systems: there is no intervention in the coordination of the wheel and the gearshift. In the L- Left- power meter all features from the current LR- Left-Right power meter with bilateral power measurement have been integrated.

Not only the software, but also the hardware has been revised. The antenna has also become stronger and sends the data at 6 times higher intensity, which reduces the risk of dropouts.

The L-Powermeter are also compatible with even more bike computers. The integrated cadence sensor was also upgraded to measure even more precise values. Optionally, the cadence can now also be measured using a magnet. As a positive side effect, the new hardware ensures a weight reduction of 5 grams compared to the previous version.

Active temperature compensation ensures that the Stages power meter is measured accurately, even with large temperature fluctuations. Firmware upgrades can be carried out quickly and easily thanks to the wireless transmission to the power meter.

An integrated LED display visualizes the battery level and the calibration result even without a connection to an app or the bike computer. In order to be prepared for bad weather, the Stages LR power meter is waterproof according to the IPX7 standard temporary immersion.Nearly a decade of relentless development.

High-resolution Gen 3 electronics with enhanced signal strength. Certified water resistant to IPX7 standards. Active Temperature Compensation. Magnet-free cadence. Universally compatible.

Stages Power LR Ultegra R8000 power meter review

This is the gold standard for power meters. Stages power meters are precision instruments assembled by hand at our Boulder, Colorado facility to exacting standards. Looking to add watts to your sprint? Or just want to pace yourself over that big climb? Add power to your current crankset with Stages Factory Install.

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Stages launches gravel GRX power meters

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