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A married Texas police chief is arrested after his multiple affairs are exposed online. Jason Collier admits to cheating or having inappropriate relationships with not just one -- but six -- girlfriends, all while married to and living with his wife.

In an exclusive interview, Collier comes clean about his web of lies. Also, meet a man who would rather lie to his wife than endure her melodramatic reactions. Are these drama queens really avoiding their lives by living in a fantasy?

Plus, catch Dr. Jump to. Sections of this page. Accessibility help. Email or phone Password Forgotten account? Phil on YouTube. Phil on Instagram. See more of Dr. Phil on Facebook.

Log In. Forgotten account? Not Now. Phil Posts. Phil plans to premiere a video. Today at Get Reminder. Man wants roommate to admit they are a family. Man denies being obsessed with his roommate. Woman claims her roommate is obsessed with her. Woman claims her roommate is an obsessed stalker. Phil premiered a video. This premiere video has ended. Yesterday at Watch Now. Man calls wife a drama queen.

Man says wife spends hours yelling about cheese.In the theatrical cut of Justice Leaguethe Justice League members are all pretty onboard with the idea of resurrecting Superman using a Mother Box. Flash Ezra Miller warns of the Pet Sematary implications, but beyond that they all seem pretty chill with the notion of bringing Superman back to life. While Cyborg is plugged into the Kryptonian ship and Flash has gone to the edge of the ship to get enough room so he can run and supercharge the Mother Box thereby resurrecting SupermanCyborg says the ship is scared of the Mother Box.

Indeed, the ship then begins to show Cyborg visions of a future that will take hold if they go forward with this plan. In his vision, we see the Earth turned into a desolate wasteland while the villainous Darkseid sits on a throne. Wonder Woman Gal Gadot is dead, being burned on a pyre and mourned by her fellow Amazons while spaceships fly above.

And most importantly, we see Superman Henry Cavill cradling the skeleton of someone he loves as Darkseid looms overhead. This vision was supposed to have been fulfilled in Justice League 2 and reversed in Justice League 3as Snyder has explained in an interview with Vanity Fair. This is a war between me and Darkseid. If you can help me as a friend, keep Lois safe. Darkseid comes back and kills Lois.

Cyborg (DC Comics)

Batman fails, he hesitates. They were in an argument. That plan would have worked, and Batman would have sacrificed himself instead of allowing Lois to die. The powerful magician is known for her involvement with the Justice League and her romance with John Constantine.

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New 'Godzilla vs. What Gazebo?Lighting is one of the most important parts for making your home look haunted. Find out the easiest indoor Halloween lighting effects and ideas that will make your house look spooky.

Halloween is my favorite holiday! I love to transform the inside of my home into a haunted mansion and the outside into a Halloween graveyard. Neither one would be nearly as spooky without some great Halloween lighting effects and ideas. Lighting is one of the best ways to add atmosphere to a room any time of the year…and Halloween is no exception! Keep reading to find out my favorite indoor Halloween lighting effects and ideas to make your house look haunted.

Another easy indoor Halloween lighting effect is to replace your regular light bulbs with colored ones. I used red light bulbs all over the house to create the atmosphere I wanted for my Fallen Angels and Devils party. If you are going for the chilly, graveyard look, try green or blue bulbs. If you want to add a flame-like, warmer like, try orange or red bulbs. These colored bulbs do not usually provide as much light as regular white bulbs. That makes them easy to re-use for any occasion when you need special lighting.

Uplighting is a great way to add ambiance to Halloween scenes like this one. Which is why it is the next item on my list of indoor Halloween lighting effects and ideas.

This technique can be used to add drama for a lot of Halloween decorations…at the bottom of Halloween figurines, up walls and ceilings or under bushes and trees. Simply plug them in and they are ready to add some fire-y atmosphere to your Halloween party, without any of the fire hazard risk of real ones! Find out how to hang scene setters HERE. The first item on my list of indoor Halloween lighting effects and ideas is a really easy way to decorate your chandelier for Halloween.

It will immediately look like an old-time candle-lit chandelier. The orange light in this lamp is also created by a flicker bulb. The light reflects off the crystals and makes everything glow orange. The Harry Potter series had a great idea for Halloween lighting…floating candles are spooky and look awesome! Of course, you could go all out and re-create the whole Harry Potter great hall…which has all kinds of great Halloween lighting.

Click here to see all of our Harry Potter Halloween party decor. String Lights are not just for Christmas anymore! Add some colored string lights to your standard decor and you have instant Halloween decorations.

This piece of faux coral is always on the shelf in my living room. By adding a few mini skulls and some orange string lights, it gets transformed into part of my Halloween decor. Purple and orange ones are easy to come by this time of year and can be used anywhere in your haunted house to add some more light, while still keeping the Halloween theme going. You can also use string lights that come in Halloween shapes…the bird cages above look spooky and cast spooky shadows on the wall.

Candles are another one of my essential indoor Halloween lighting effects. While I love the look of real candles, with all of the creepy cloth and other flammable materials hanging around, I usually end up using flame-less candles for my Halloween displays. Fortunately, they have become much more realistic looking in the last few years. All of the candles in this vignette that I did for my Phantom of the Opera party are fake and they still look pretty good.

Adding black lights to your Halloween decor is a fun indoor lighting effect that everyone seems to love. Click here to find out more about creating glow in the dark Halloween decor. A lot of Halloween props come with lights.Lee Thompson Young portrayed Cyborg in the television series Smallville.

Victor Stone is the son of Silas Stone and Elinore Stone, scientists who use him as a test subject for various intelligence enhancement projects. While these treatments are ultimately successful and Victor's IQ subsequently grows to genius levels, he grows to resent his treatment. Victor strikes up a friendship with Ron Evers, a young miscreant who leads him into trouble with the law.

This is the beginning of a struggle in which Victor strives for independence, engaging in pursuits of which his parents disapprove, such as athletics and abandoning his studies.

Victor's association with underage criminals leads him down a dark path in which he is often injured, but he still lives a "normal" life in which he is able to make his own decisions. However, this rebellious path does not bury Victor's conscience considering that he refuses to participate in Evers' grandiose plans of racially motivated terrorism.

Victor's situation changes radically when he visits his parents' lab where experiments in inter-dimensional access are done. At that moment of his entry, an aggressive gelatinous creature was accidentally pulled through and Victor's mother is killed by it. It then turned on Victor and he was severely injured by its attack before his father was able to send it back to its native dimension.

With his wife dead and his son mutilated, unconscious and near death from the incident, Silas is driven to take advantage of prototype medical prosthetic research he has access to in order to treat Victor. Unfortunately, Victor only regains consciousness after the extensive artificial limbs and implants were installed in his body without his consent. Victor was horrified at the discovery of the metallic components, which involve most of the left side of his head and face, and raged that he would rather have died than be such a victim of his father's manipulations.

Although his bitterness remained for some time, Victor eventually calmed down enough to successfully adjust to his implants physically. He found himself rejected by the public because of his implants, including his girlfriend, who would later thoughtlessly blurt out that she would prefer he had died instead of being in that state.

However, Victor's conscience was unbowed, as evidenced by the fact that when Evers tried to manipulate him into participating in a terrorist attack on the United NationsVictor decided to equip himself with his weaponized attachments and stop him on the top of United Nations Headquarters. When Raven assembles the Teen TitansVictor joins initially for the benefit of a support group of kindred spirits and freaks, and has remained with that group ever since.

It also turns out that their beautiful teacher Sarah Simmswho has often assisted Cyborg and the Titans, admires him as well.

Orrin - HARLEY (Official Music Video)

Another person who sees past the cybernetic shell is Dr. Sarah Charles, a S. Labs scientist who helps him to recuperate after having his cybernetic parts replaced.

Cyborg and Dr. Charles date for some time and she, along with Changelingkeeps trying to reach him when he is seemingly mindless following the severe injuries he incurs during the "Titans Hunt" storyline. Although Cyborg's body was repaired by a team of Russian scientists after the missile crash he had been in, albeit with more mechanical parts than previously, his mind was not.

Eventually, his mind was restored by an alien race of computer intelligences called the Techniscreated from the sexual union of Swamp Thing and a machine-planet when Swamp Thing was travelling through space. Cyborg, however, had to remain with the Technis both to maintain his mind and because, in return for restoring him, he had to teach them about humanity.

He took the name Cyberionand gradually started becoming less human in outlook, connecting entirely to the Technis planet.He has now undergone successful surgery and hopes to fight again in Santos told Cruz on Monday that he is eying a December return and also spoke about recovery from surgery:.

I had a great recovery. This time off was super important for me. It was really uncomfortable three or four days after the surgery, but after that I pretty much rested and studied.

I plan on coming back to training next week and fighting in December. This is my plan. But before I make any decision, I will listen to what the doctors have to say. God guided the doctors in this surgery, so everything went well. Cristiane Justino, Santos' ex-wife, wrote an update on Instagram. She noted doctors were closely monitoring Santos' health in case his brain continued to swell warning: graphic image :.

Bellator MMA shared a replay of Santos' knockout. Page caught him with a flying right knee, and the Brazilian immediately fell to the canvas:. At 38 years old, there remain question marks over Santos' future, particularly as he has suffered two devastating losses since the arrival of Orrin's bizarre beliefs saw him make an appearance on popular US chat show Dr Phil — where he was quickly ridiculed.

Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. A man who bizarrely believes he is a cyborg time traveller from has claimed we are all living in a simulation. Orrin made headlines across the world when he appeared on US chat show Dr Phil last month claiming he has been sent from the future to warn humans of an impending apocalypse. In the clip from Apex TV — a channel known to feature interviews with people claiming to be from the future — Orrin claims that we are all living in a matrix.

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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry accuse Queen's aides of offering 'bad advice' Meghan Markle The Duke and Duchess of Sussex told Oprah Winfrey that Her Majesty's staff allegedly stopped them from seeing the monarch after the Queen cancelled a planned meeting with the couple.

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Sinceinternational media has described him as the world's first cyborg [25] or the world's first cyborg artist. Harbisson is the son of a Spanish mother and a Northern Irish father.

At the age of 19, he moved to England to study music composition at Dartington College of Arts. Harbisson defines his work as cyborg artthe art of designing new senses and new organs, and the art of merging with them. Harbisson is the artist, the work of art, the space where it exists, and the only one in the audience. The Cyborg Antenna is a sensory system created to extend color perception. Harbisson has given permission to five friends, one in each continent, to send colours, images, videos or sounds directly into his head.

If he receives colours while asleep his friends can colour and alter his dreams.

Neil Harbisson

Colours sent from audience members in Times Square as they painted simple colored stripes onto a canvas were received live via internet directly into Harbisson's brain. The Solar Crown is a sensory device for the sense of time. A rotating point of heat takes 24 hours to slowly orbit around Harbisson's head. The transdental communication system is composed by two teeth, each containing a bluetooth enabled button and a mini vibrator. Both Harbisson and Ribas know how to communicate in morse code, therefore they are able to communicate from tooth to tooth.

Harbisson has created a series of "Sound Portraits" by standing in front of a person and pointing his antenna at different parts of the face, writing down the different notes he hears and later creating a sound file. Harbisson's "Colour Scores" [89] are a series of paintings based on the transposition of sounds, music or voices into colour.

InHarbisson published the Human Colour Wheel based on the hue and light detected on hundreds of human skins from to Under the title Capital Colours, [93] [94] Harbisson has exhibited the dominant colours of different cities he has visited.

Harbisson has contributed significantly to the public awareness of cyborgs, transpecies, artificial senses, and human evolution by giving regular public lectures at universities, conferences and LAN parties sometimes to audiences of thousands. InHarbisson's British passport renewal was rejected. The UK Passport Office would not allow him to appear with an electronic device on his head.

Harbisson wrote back explaining that he identified as a cyborg and that his antenna should be treated as an organ not a device. After weeks of correspondence, Harbisson's photo was accepted. Induring a demonstration in BarcelonaHarbisson's antenna was damaged by police who believed they were being filmed.

Harbisson has collaborated extensively with his childhood friend and cyborg artist Moon Ribas in performances [] [] and art projects. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Neil Harbisson. United Kingdom [3] Ireland [4]. Dartington College of Arts [5]. Contemporary art Electronic Music.