Most healing in paladins

Champions are the playable characters in Paladins. Each one has their own unique abilities and fighting style. Champions use Cards to increase their performance and enhance their skills, and Items to help them adapt to specific situations in every match. There are currently 44 playable champions in the game. Every champion has a unique weapon, 4 skills, and a special skill called an Ultimate.

Ultimate skills are not subject to cooldown, but instead have a meter that must be charged before they can be used. Using an ultimate will deplete the meter fully, allowing it to recharge. Each champion also possesses 3 unique Talents. Talents grant access to different playstyles by providing strong boosts to certain aspects of the champion, with some talents even causing radical changes to the way their weapon or skills work, usually at the cost of some counterbalancing penalty.

Players also gain temporary access to 4 champions from a rotating free champion schedule. Every Wednesday 2 champions will be changed that remain in free rotation for two weeks. Flank and Support or Front Line and Damage are always exchanged alternately. Additional champions can be purchased for either Gold or Crystals. The Founder's Pack includes the Champion Pack, which automatically unlocks all current and future Champions in the game without any additional costs.

Each champion has their own Mastery Levelwhich increases the more they are played. Achieving new levels with a champion grants special rewards. A List of Champions with publication date can be found here. These champions are the best at maintaining control of objectives and protecting their teammates through shields, personal force fields, or just by taking fire.

These champions can consistently deal high amounts of damage. These champions offer a wide range of utility, both offensive and defensive. However, they specialize in healing and causing chaos in enemy attacks. They gain eliminations from healing a target that gets the killing blow on an enemy. Support champions also gain ultimate charge from healing done to teammates besides themselves.

Healing that restores 0 Health for example, healing someone who is at full health won't provide ultimate charge.

most healing in paladins

These champions excel in both damage and mobility to help them in combat as well as chase and confirm kills from the enemy's rear. However, their low health makes them vulnerable to getting overwhelmed by multiple enemies. Sign In.


From Paladins Wiki. Jump to: navigationsearch. Bomb King. Sha Lin. Category : Champions.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Store Page. Paladins Store Page. Global Achievements. This topic has been locked. Showing 1 - 15 of 25 comments. First of all they're called champions depends, i would say maldamba or seris. Seris and Mal Damba, if you're a new player Seris would be the better choice, but heal with her, ok? Don't go full Rambo mode with her, or I will find you and I will kill you.

Originally posted by BenMal59 :. I personally prefer Grover's style of healing. The best healer for me is Seris but with cauterize Seris is usless but Mal Damba can heal fron a big distance and can heal in big area.

Paladins Pro - 285k Healing Grover Ranked Carry!

Ludor View Profile View Posts. I personally prefer Pip and Grover! Project 39 View Profile View Posts. Seris or Ying is terms of pure healing. Mal'Damba has almost as much healing as well as a decent amount of CC. Liquidoooo View Profile View Posts.Your browser does not seem to support JavaScript. As a result, your viewing experience will be diminished, and you may not be able to execute some actions.

Please download a browser that supports JavaScript, or enable it if it's disabled i. Here is the list of all our volunteer moderators. Remember that you can always contact us if you have any concerns or questions! Lately, I've generally had pretty good experiences playing the game. However, maybe every 3rd or 4th game the session seems to suffer from packet loss. Firing the ultimate for example, took no effect a couple of times during a game.

Also I hit an opponent 3 times at point blank range with maeve's daggers but the damage from the first 2 hits never registered. Each hit should have killed my opponent, which had one bar of health.

Paladins as healers

The third hit, which killed him, didn't register for what felt like an eternity but was probably a quarter second. Which in a game like Paladins, that quarter second is the difference between life and death. Because of that lag or packet loss or whatever you want to call it, my performance in that game was pretty horrible. As with all battle arena type games, the closer you are to the network servers the better your performance will be. It does feel a bit up and down though at times.

One game I'm playing great and the next game using the same champ and similar build, it feels like my champion is hitting for half of the damage it did in the last game. Packet loss and latency issues have a huge effect on one's performance. Still though, I can brush these issues aside and still enjoy the game. Personally if the burst was dialed back a touch, to and healed allies for an additional over 4s, at a rate of hp per sec for 4s.

It has extra healing to compensate for the less instant over time effect, but also consider the effect of HP regen as a buff to character self sustain in certain uncautable state effects, so not only do you have a burst of in line with Grover Blossom and 1. You also have the gift of gifting additional healing to those which use abilites to combined with loadout cards and store cards to get better combat regen.

What you would lose with double heal strength mega potion, you would gain with consitantly spreading out thinner healing with regen, or bursting a single meatsack tank and friends forthen the sustain.

While I really enjoy this idea on pip, its also clear that pip two self heals in this meta would be a bit of a chore to bring down with the caut nerf, even if the values were tweaked, the feel of having two self bust heals is a butal game unlea the gane gets more base anti heal on damage abilities to stagger the healing time further for consistant caut.

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Submit a support ticket!Paladins is a constantly-evolving title that receives balance updates at regular intervals so some of these rankings may change further down the line. For now, though, this list is very solid and will give you a good indication of where each champion stands. The D tier contains the absolute strongest champions in the game right now while the D tier features the weakest ones. Similarly, higher tier champions will not automatically win you a game every time, though they will likely give you an edge over the competition.

Androxus is an excellent flanker that deals massive amounts of damage and is quite difficult to pin down thanks to his high mobility. Cassie is another champion that loves dealing with damage from afar while also being excellent at scouting enemy positions thanks to her ultimate. Her kit makes her a great addition to any team.

The champion is proficient at both melee and range combat and can take out enemies from the shadows before they even knew what hit them. A powerful front liner, Inara is great at slowing down enemies and providing teammates with opportunities for easy kills.

Makoa is great not only at protecting teammates but also at isolating key enemy targets. Lian is a well-rounded damage dealer that can cripple entire enemy teams thanks to her AoE abilities. In the right hands, her abilities can make her truly devastating.

This champion has a little bit of everything — stun, heal, damage, evasion. More importantly, though, his ultimate can cause enemies to run in fear, potentially giving your own team a massive advantage during engagements if used at the right time.

He is particularly adept at area of effect attacks and works great in combination with a lot of champions found in the upper part of our Paladins tier list. By himself, though, he can be a little squishy and easy to pin down. Khan is notoriously difficult to take down thanks to his abilities, which can both absorb incoming damage and restore missing health. Even better, he can use his most useful abilities not just on himself but on his teammates as well.

Furia is a very good support character with some pretty impressive healing capabilities. In addition, she can also increase the weapon damage and movement speed for her allies with her ultimate ability, Inflame, which also makes her untargetable for 2 seconds. Evie excels at harassing enemies and slowing them down with her ultimate ability, Ice Storm. Most of her other abilities are focused on mobility and hit-and-run tactics.

Sha Lin is one of those champions that can absolutely decimate enemies if left unchecked. His abilities require him to remain undetected so it takes a player who is good at stealth to make the most out of him. Torvald is great at silencing and disrupting enemies while also keeping himself alive. His damage and defensive capabilities are decent but really nothing to write home about. As it stands, though, this drawback makes her very vulnerable in many situations and is generally not a very good champion at the moment.

There was a time when we would have definitely placed Maeve higher on our tier list. Unfortunately, she has become inefficient in recent times thanks to a series of nerfs and now underperforms most other flankers.We are currently maintaining 58, pages 4, articles. All Patch Notes. About the Game. Game Modes. Battle Pass.

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most healing in paladins

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All rights reserved.This build offers all of the necessary healing talents while also giving utility for the raid. There is not much room for changes, as there are little alternatives.

Important note: Aura is applied to your group, not the whole raid. Sometimes you may be asked to use Judgements in a fight. Blessings are valuable buffs, but each class requires different blessing to maximize the benefit. Below we have a list of buffs that are suitable for each spec. First option is considered the best, while second and third are also viable. Use first option unless requested otherwise. It can be downranked to Rank 6 to save mana.

Ideally, you should maintain this effect most of the time by casting Holy Light — Rank 4 or 5. This is done so that you could use a Rank 11 faster in a critical situation. Skip to content. Talents This build offers all of the necessary healing talents while also giving utility for the raid. About The Author.

most healing in paladins

This comment form is under antispam protection. Notify of. You are going to send email to. Move Comment.Forgot your password? On this page, you will learn how to optimize the rotation of your Holy Paladin, depending on the type of damage your group is receiving. We also have advanced sections about cooldowns, procs, etc. Healing as a Holy Paladin is, for the most part, all about using the correct spells for the specific circumstances in which you find yourself, particularly with regard to how many raid members are taking damage, how much damage they are taking, where they are located, and what spells you have available.

Naturally, if the target is not taking enough damage to justify using all of the above on them, you should instead use the spells to heal other raid members as needed. In case you are forced to move and Holy Shock is on cooldown, you can also make use of Light of the Martyr to heal your target if they are at risk of dying as long as it does not put you at risk to do so.

As in the case of single target healing, if you are forced to move and Holy Shock is on cooldown, you can also make use of Light of the Martyr to heal a target, but we do not recommend using this spell otherwise. The healing style used by the Glimmer of Light build discussed in the Talents section of the guide varies slightly from the standard priorities.

It cannot be cast on yourself and it does not trigger healing on your Beacon of Light target. Due to the damage it causes to yourself, and the fact it does not transfer healing to beacons, its net total healing is quite poor. But because of the large up-front heal to the target, it can be a potent life-saving tool. This is why we do not recommend using Light of the Martyr outside of the specific situations mentioned above and absolutely never if there is a risk your low health or incoming mechanics may cause you to die from the additional damage the spell inflicts on you.

You also gain various abilities from your talents. We cover these in a later section. The above information should be sufficient to allow you to play a Holy Paladin at a very high level.

There are only a few more details that you need to understand to further improve your performance. Mastery: Lightbringer increases your healing to targets the closer they are to your position.

Specifically, your healing is maximised on targets that are within 10 yards of you, and it decreases the farther away they are from then on. In general being with the melee group will maximize your benefit from Mastery and you should be there unless you can identify a specific reason to do otherwise. Infusion of Light causes your Holy Shock critical strikes to reduce the cast time of your next Holy Light by 1.

Typically, it is best to use Infusion of Light procs on Flash of Lightassuming that your Mana can is sufficient and that the healing will not be wasted as overhealing. Bestow Faith should be used on cooldown, ideally on the tank.

You can also use it on another player, provided you can be sure that they will need healing when Bestow Faith expires for example, if they are affected by some debuff that is damaging them. You need to make sure to cast Bestow Faith before the player actually needs the healing, since it operates on a delay. This will also help to minimise overhealing done by the ability, since it will be harder for other healers to top off the target before Bestow Faith finishes.