Hardest platinum trophies

To all the completionists out there, allow us to salute you. Nowadays, we can barely fit in the time for anything between long sessions of crying in the shower and getting dabbed on by children in Fortnite. The former usually happens because of the latter. So, when you have such a hectic schedule but want to show off to your friends that you have mastered some games, how do you do it? Find the easiest Platinum trophies on PS4 and conquer them.

Heck, there are a fair few games on PS4 that were released solely to help you get an easy Platinum. A word of warning, though: some of those may make you seem uncool to your friends.

42 Easiest Platinum Trophies on PS4

You may also come away from beating them needing a cold shower to wash away the guilt, as well as the feeling deep down that no amount of gaming chairs will make you feel like a true gamer again. Here are the easiest Platinum conquests on PS4. Expect plenty of Telltale. One of the funniest and most beloved point and click games ever, Grim Fandango was ported to the PS4 not too long ago, bringing with it a fancy heap of straightforward trophies.

Annoying as that is, the first season is better anyway, so you may as well play through it and experience emotions you never knew you could feel. Apart from a couple of diversions away from the beaten path, mastering TWD is a walk in the park.

The 25 Hardest PlayStation 3 Platinum Trophies

Before Telltale games consumed every license in the world, they made Back to the Future its own interactive story. Very simple stuff, here: collect the trinkets, beat some challenges. While the challenges may require quite a few attempts, collecting is as simple as following a guide and basking in the glow of your new Platinum.

hardest platinum trophies

Better still, First Light is cheap as anything and also a lot of fun for what it is. The only difficulty you might face with unlocking the Platinum for Until Dawn will be having to play the game over and over again. Oh, I do? Fair enough. Your choices are key to unlocking the Plat for Until Dawn, so a guide is key.

Only a couple of them are quite tricky as the main challenge is just sticking with it until everyone is either saved or killed and all the collectibles have been picked up. The other trophies needed involve killing a certain amount of enemies in certain ways — there are actually only 22 trophies in total.

Most of them will come from just playing the game, so it really is a walk in the park. Can you be bothered, though? Not because it requires a great deal of skill or hundreds of hours of playtime, but because of one awful, godforsaken trophy:. The best thing about Life is Strange is how relatable it is. The main story will help you hoover up a lot of the trophies, but you need to take plenty of photographs to unlock that sweet Platinum.Ever since Uncharted: Drake's Fortune received one of the first Trophy patches on PS3, I've been hooked on collecting PlayStation's sweet, yet ultimately meaningless silverware.

Now, almost ten years later, I'm rapidly closing in on 10, Trophies and Platinums in total. Some of those Platinums took serious work - I had to play through Metal Gear Solid 4 no less than eight separate times, spend weeks ranking up online during Red Dead Redemption's quadruple XP events, and compete in more matches of Rocket League than I care to count.

However, you don't reach a century of Platinums without cutting a few corners along the way, and some of the games I've completed are exceptionally short and far from challenging. No, they aren't the best PS4 gamesbut if you want to boost your own Trophy stats, here are ten Platinum awards you can unlock in just ten hours.

Word of warning: you may need a new PS4 controller after blasting these. There are many questions you'll ask yourself while playing 36 Fragments of Midnight - who are those hairy creatures you're helping? Why is there a timed challenge when each level is randomly generated?

Is that really the entire game? Mercifully you don't have long to ponder these thoughts, as you can blitz through this basic platformer in around half an hour.

You play as Midnight, a small white square who must collect, you guessed it, 36 fragments at the behest of some slightly sinister looking furballs. Most of the Trophies involve dying, so you'll need to meet your demise at least once on each of the spikes, saws, and laser traps punctuating the levels.

You'll also need to expire while carrying 1, 35, and 36 fragments in your possession, which is a somewhat frustrating requirement. The only Trophy that offers much of a challenge is for collecting all 36 fragments and returning to the start in under six minutes, though once you've got the hang of the double jumps it shouldn't be too problematic. If you're having difficulty, the levels are randomly generated so keep trying until a simpler layout is produced.

With its striking visual style, beautiful a cappella soundtrack, and cheeky sense of humour, there's much to love about Burly Men At Sea. Acting as the storyteller, you need to guide your three bearded, husky fisherman through a series of encounters spanning Scandinavian folklore, in what is essentially a Choose Your Own Adventure-esque branching narrative which ends where it begins to run on a constant looping journey.

After exploring your home village and setting sail, you'll soon find your ship being swallowed by a whale in classic folklore style. Here you have three choices - strap on some barrels and jump in the sea, don't strap on some barrels and jump in the sea, or just hang out in the whale's belly with the ghostly girls you meet there. Each decision leads to two more binary choices, resulting in a total of 12 different outcomes, and if you're economical then you can collect them all in a couple of hours.

Loosely based on the film of the same name, Don't Knock Twice is a first-person horror adventure in which you try to protect your daughter from a demonic witch who has taken over your house and is trying to steal her away. Although the game is compatible with PlayStation VR, you can just play it 'normally' which I'd recommend if you're following a walkthrough and don't want an old crone occasionally screaming in your face. There are a number of collectibles to look out for including diary pages, family photos, plus various other bits and bobs, and you'll need to find all of them on a single playthrough for one of the Trophies.Yes, there are some trophies that require you to complete the arcade ladder on max difficulty without using a continue and another without using block, but there are sneaky little tricks to get around these otherwise seemingly impossible feats.

Not only is it the only gold trophy on the list for the game, but it requires you to put in a staggering 28 days of gameplay into it. That is until you realize that in order to gain mastery of one fighter requires:. While this may seem pretty straight forward, obtaining some of the battle trophies will require some serious skill and can be time-consuming. Creating a number of the different items in the game with no recipe to tell you exactly how to create them also proves difficult.

Lost Planet 2 wants to make players really work for that platinum trophy. Not only do they have to play through the campaign a minimum of four times in order to unlock the hardest difficulty setting but they must then complete it on Extreme difficulty also.

Combine that with collecting a number of different items the Nom de Guerres being particularly tricky to getting a complete set of and Lost Planet 2 is one serious slog of a platinum trophy. This required about 9, kills spread over a variety of different weapons on servers that were pretty unstable. Oh, and to make things even worse, some of them had a tendency to be glitched. While this may not seem all that bad, the AI can turn out to be pretty aggressive and make your time on the track a living nightmare.

While there are a number of methods out there online in order to help players achieve this, beating this incredibly fast lap time requires patience and a whole lot of skill. Kudos to any of you out there who have managed to grab this one. These Master Ninja chapters will put you through your paces, making enemies much tougher to take down and making you much more susceptible to damage. Just like we mentioned in our toughest PlayStation 4 platinum trophies list, the Street Fighter IV group of games had some of the toughest platinum trophies in the PlayStation 3 era.

You must complete all 24 challenges within each of the 35 character trials in order for it to unlock. Just check it out for yourself here and skip to about the minute mark to see what lies in store toward the end of the game. Runes can be found by viewing your player cards and rotating them until the Rune appears.

In other words, the 30 runes in my game may be completely different to the 30 in your game, so a lot of searching and viewing of cards is required. It may not be difficult but it certainly makes things a lot more time-consuming. These trophies demand you be matched with and defeat the belt-holder in each category of these weight groups.

You were highly unlikely to even pair up with the proper person online, yet alone defeat them then and there. Battlefield: Bad Company falls under the list of games that needlessly require endless grinding in order to get its Platinum. In this case, players need to attain 10, kills in multiplayer. Usually, this one came down to tons of grinding and a few prayers for a one-hit KO. Once the game went F2P, it was announced that only paying Legendary Access players could unlock trophies. Nothing on the trophy list was too daunting, but players would have to fork over some cash in order to get the Platinums for these titles.

It asked players to acquire all weapons and gear in the game, a feat that should be done once a player hits max level. Unfortunately, the glitch caused some players to hit level cap without having received all weapon tags, making the trophy impossible to get, and the Platinum equally out of reach. It required you to send challenges back and forth between you and a friend, except you needed the challenge to be a specific one out of a randomized list, and you needed really unskilled friends.

Ultimately, this trophy relied on way too much friend deleting to be worthwhile. In a world as huge as this, though, that means doing tons of missions, activities, thefts, and more.

Meanwhile, the multiplayer trophies require some serious boosting just to bring their completion times within humanly ranges. After beating Vanquish, players will unlock five bonus missions, and a sixth once those are complete. All you have to do is beat these on at least Normal difficulty, but even that is a crazy challenge.

Moreso, the sixth mission is near impossible, and your attempt is pretty much voided should you make a single mistake.There are apparently 18 chapters, each unlocking a bronze trophy. Many other trophies are simple tutorial tasks such as staggering an enemy which happens naturally.

That is potentially the hardest trophy in the game. Do you like what you see? How hard and long do you think platinum will be? Anyway, looking forward to the trophy guide. The Platinum is achievable by whatever the developers deem so. Also if I remember correctly from the original game some enemy skills were hard to get as they never used them often, one or two of the enemies were rare random spawns and were certainly missable in the original game.

10 NEAR IMPOSSIBLE Trophies on the PS4

I pleased Square has included these in the remake. I remember some of them being really useful early game. That mantra something missile spell was awesome. Let me guess, you like to have your hand held throughout alot of experiences right? Nothing wrong with a good challenge in a game. I definitely agree with what Brad said tbh.

No need to act so entitled lol. You expect all to trophies just being given to you based on your terms? I guess you completely missed the whole point of trophies. Brad, wow, just wow, you come across like an elitist ass and add nothing to the conversation. Good job, you suck. So, yes, this having a trophy for hard mode makes sense. Suck it up weasels. No need to be a ass and getting worked up about virtual trophies.

Sound like a loser who just collects trophies and plays shitty games to get virtual trophies.

hardest platinum trophies

Hopefully we can all leave it at that. All of you little whingers complaining about the difficulty trophies need to grow up. I like to have it set up so that when I beat the game on hard the hard trophy and platinum trophy pop back to back. The mingame challenges on hard could be a pain.Every gamer has their own feelings about trophies and achievements.

Others have particular favorite games or franchises and will only take an interest where those are concerned. Buckle up for some of the most difficult platinum trophies on PS4. The roster of trophies in Devil May Cry 5 is a mixed bag, featuring a good amount that are simply tied to progression. The kicker, however, is that various difficulty modes have to be conquered too.

hardest platinum trophies

Clearing all missions with an S rank on all difficulties for the Worthy of Legend trophy is the tallest of tall orders too. Well, of course this one was going to crop up too.

As difficult as simply reaching the end credits can be, fans who want the platinum trophy will really have to go the extra mile. Not to mention the fact that the platinum means nothing without also acquiring the trophies from the DLC, The Old Hunters where some truly devastating bosses dwell.

As franchise fans will know, Monster Hunter World is a game that never really ends. Yes, the story can be wrapped up and the credits will roll, but this is a franchise about grinding. About taking hundreds of hours finally getting rare drops, completing armor sets and learning new weapons. As always, there are a fair amount of simple progression-based trophies, but others require a whole lot of grind, plus RNG and luck in some cases.

Then there are the new Iceborne trophies! Speaking of games that are notoriously, viciously difficult, our next case study is none other than Super Meat Boy. For many, this old-school platformer is one of the most brutal titles to hit the genre in recent gaming memory, and its roster of trophies certainly attests to this. Beat all Warpzones? Beat every separate hunk of the Dark World without dying individually? Any gamer with the perseverance and skill to nab this platinum really is a platformer master.

For some players, The Evil Within 2 represents more of an overall challenge than the original. Between the regular game and its three DLC packs The Assignment, The Consequence and The Executionerthere are 72 trophies available in this mind-bending survival horror title. They range from just plain time consuming upgrading all weapons, for instance to incredibly difficult.

Completing the game on Akumu mode the hardest difficulty with additional restrictions such as any damage at all one-shotting the player will push you to your limits. From one survival horror experience to another, Alien: Isolation is our next pick. You can see the problem, then, when it comes to the One Shot trophy, which requires the player to make it all the way through without dying.

Not to mention all the other collectibles and busywork the platinum requires. As sad as it is, some platinum trophies become literally impossible to obtain over time. There are some very difficult racing challenges here, a lot of time consuming ones Record Number of Racesa demand for a gold rating in every Driving School challenge and in every other type of challenge individuallya grind for 1, drift points, a grind for levels… in terms of the time sink, this is definitely a rough one.

Why is Grand Theft Auto V still so darn popular? You know what that means, friends: whenever a game offers an absurd range of content, dedicated players are compelled to do it all. Next up, we have a very different title. Furi is a relentless arcade boss rush that mixes hack and slash and old school shooter elements.PlayStation trophies are a great way to show your dedication to a particular game.

With many titles now coming with a wide variety of trophies to show game progression, collecting prowess or online dedication, acquiring those all important platinum trophies can be quite the challenge. Almost all platinum trophies, minus a few, require players to put in a lot of time or effort in completely conquering a game before you hear that wonderful noise and it unlocks, but some like to put gamers on the brink of complete meltdown.

Trophy hunters will weep at the entries on this list, if only because they know these are so fiendishly difficult that they may never have them in their collection. Super Meat Boy is a punishingly difficult game to begin with, and to make things even worse some of its trophies really put players skills to the test.

Later on in the game, the player will have to enter the Cotton Alley Dark World. This place is filled with hazards and requires perfectly measured and timed jumps in order to survive. If you want an idea of just how difficult these levels are, check out this run through here.

Surgeon Simulator tasks players with carrying out a number of procedures on their patients in the back of an ambulance or even in space.

These ambulance time trials are some of the trickiest levels in the game and require you to quickly do the procedure before time runs out. These All-Gold badges are incredibly difficult to achieve in some of the later levels and will require you to complete the level without dying and in a super speedy time.

hardest platinum trophies

Many of the trophies for the MMO focus on completing all quests in a particular area, or completely exploring a new part of the map. In order to unlock this, the player must reach 1 on the PvP leaderboards, something which, unfortunately, will never become a reality for a lot of players and ultimately locking the platinum away from many fans. Unless you want to spend a good few months in the PvP section of the game, you can kiss that platinum trophy goodbye.

A majority of the trophies can be obtained on a single playthrough as long as you keep an eye out for secrets and collectibles and take out your enemies in a good variety of methods. This requires you to complete the game on the unlockable Heroic difficulty setting starting from scratch and unable to save or use mid-level checkpoints.

It may seem easy enough, but just wait until chapter eight and then the difficulty on Heroic really ramps up. The Evil Within will test not only your nerves with its jump scares and creepy cast of characters but also your gaming skills. The game can be pretty damn difficult to play through and that only gets worse when you try and attempt to get the platinum trophy.

Not only does the trophy list ask that you complete the game with a clear time of under 5 hours, which we can vouch for would be pretty difficult, but it also asks that you beat it on Akumu mode.

Star Wars: Battlefront brought back the classic Star Wars FPS action that we all so fondly remember, and brought one nasty platinum with it that only 0.

Of course, this is definitely achievable for players who put in the time, but many people may never reach this high rank with so many other games competing for their time. The trophy currently has a 0. Titan Souls released last year and was quickly heralded as an incredibly difficult game.

Iron Mode means that if you die you start right back at the very beginning, oh goodie!

This pesky one will have you playing through the game with the previously mentioned Iron Mode on, but also requires hard mode to be enabled.

Hard mode gives bosses extra attack patterns and faster speed. You must complete all 24 challenges within each of the 35 character trials in order for it to unlock. R Lab Missions. The battle mode has 20 different kinds of battles with different conditions.

The only problem is, is that the difficulty will increase as you progress, so just wait until you come across the last few. Have you got any of the platinum trophies on this list? Sound off in the comments below. Connect with us. Super Meat Boy. Surgeon Simulator. The Elder Scrolls Online.

Shadow Warrior.Platinum Trophies often represent a player achieving mastery of a particular game and platinum hunting is something of a hobby among more dedicated players. The PS3 really brought trophy hunting to the mainstream and introduced a bunch of wonderful games with reasonable trophies to strive for. Whether it was tremendous grinding in multiplayer, tough challenges, or a perma death system here are some of the most difficult.

Ninja Gaiden games are known for being tough and Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 was no exception. To acquire the platinum trophy you not only had to complete every chapter in the game on Master Ninja difficulty, but you also had to get the Master Ninja rank on each one as well. Beating it on the highest difficulty would have been platinum worthy considering the challenge, but the added requirement of perfection was a bit much for many players.

Raiden IV is a vertical scrolling shooter that put players in the cockpit of a technologically advanced fighter to take down enemies and save the day. It was a fun game on regular difficulties, but to get the platinum trophy you needed to toss fun out the window.

Battlefield: Bad Company was a decent military shooter that was fun on multiplayer when it was released. To get the final award you needed to obtain 10, kills in multiplayer. This could easily take hundreds of hours and required you to endlessly join matches and take down other real-life opponents. This was at best a monotonous grind if you were a good player or a frustrating grind of lucky kills if you were bad at multiplayer. Racing games are often notorious for rough platinum challenges and Wipeout HD definitely embraced this notoriety.

You needed to complete every single racing challenge in the game under extremely tight time requirements. It makes you wonder if the time challenges were based on the performance of a highly talented beta tester or just arbitrarily chosen by the developers.

Far Cry 2 was a great game that players happily sank many hours into, but very few were willing to sink in the hours needed to achieve the platinum trophy. The most troublesome trophies were Warlord and Soldier of Misfortune. Warlord demanded players reach level 30 in multiplayer, players did the math and that meant getting 1.

While you were getting those thousand kills the Soldier Of Misfortune trophy wanted you to get a variety of kills using different weapons and often on different servers. For those who wanted to maintain that fluid tranquility of running through the cityscape it was in their best interest not to tackle the trophies. Some were relatively easy, but many of the gold required insane precision and speed that only speedrunners are know for. Lost Planet 2 was a great game that you could easily go through a handful of times without getting bored.

That moment you finally grew bored of Lost Planet 2 was likely nowhere near the number of playthroughs it took to get the final trophy. For starters you need to beat the game on the highest difficulty which required a minimum of four playthroughs to unlock. If you managed that you then needed to tackle the challenge that required you to play the chapters times which meant a few dozen playthroughs on the hardest difficulty.

Titan Souls is often compared to the Dark Souls series given their similar names, similar game mechanics, and that the series was an inspiration for the game. Knowing how difficult the Dark Souls series was should tell you what tackling platinum on Titan Souls is like. Iron Mode is a perma death system meaning if you died you needed to start the game over from the beginning.