Find the output of java program questions icse

What is the function used?? How do we know whether we should print the inner loop variable ro the outer loop variable in a nested loop program? If you want to print values which are same for any line and only changes when it goes to the next line, then print outer loop variable. If you want to print values which are changing within the same line, then print inner loop variable.

Hence, it is a construct that binds one or more primitive types together to be used as a single data types. It is designed by the programmer and thus, it is called user defined data types. So, we can say that if A. A class creates objects which have similar attributes.

The objects are created from the information only available in that class, hence it is liable to be called as an instance of a class. Input any number and check if it is a Palindrome Number or not. WAP to display the following pattern? Sir, is there any way to find the no. Which are the most-likely programs for boards? Write a program for foll pattern 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 Write a program on following pattern :- 15 14 13 12 11 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1.

Difference between a String and StringBuffer object may come. No it is not necessary to always use BufferedReader class. You can also use Scanner class for taking inputs. The example you gave might come. It is quite easy. You have to think a String to be just like an array of characters. Like you use every element in the array by writing its index, similarly, in order to access the characters of a String, you need to extract the characters through their index using charAt function.Ans: Platform is the environment in which programs execute.

Instead of interacting with the Operating System directly, Java programs runs on a virtual machine provided by Java, therefore Java is often referred to as a platform also. Ans: Bytecode is a set of pseudo mechanic language instructions that are understood by the JVM Java Virtual Machine and are independent of the underlying hardware. It hides the underlying OS from Java application. Programs written in Java are compiled into Java byte-code, which is then interpreted by a special java Interpreter for a specific platform.

Ans: The Java development kit comes with a collection of tools that are used for developing and running java programs. Ans: 1. Write Once Run Anywhere 2.

Light weight code 3. Security 4. Built in Graphics 5. Object Oriented Language 6. Support Multimedia 7. Platform Independent. Open Product. Ans: BlueJ is a Java development environment. Ans: Create: Click on new class button from BlueJ editor, then type the class name a program icon will be created.

Compile: click the compile button on the left of the window or right click on the class icon and select compile from the menu options. Execute: Right click on the class icon and select new class name option. A dialogue box appears type the name of the object.Answer any four of the following : 1. Write a Program to calculate charges for sending particles when the charges are as follows For the first 1KG Rs. Write a Java Program to accept a month using Scanner classand display the number of days present in that month Ans : import java.

Section — B Answer any Four 1. Java language provides various ways to get the data value within a program. Compare the way of using Command line argument with the way of using Input Stream Ans 1. Explain the following Math functions with their output by taking What are the differences between if …else and switch…case?

Ans : 1. If…else results in a Boolean type value whereas switch…case returns in a value of int or char datatypes 2. If…else Can perform the test for Strings also whereas switch…case cannot perform tests on String values 4. Default statement is applied in switch.

ICSE BlueJ Array Programs

What are the differences between Entry controlled loop and exit controlled loop? Entry controlled loop is while loop whereas exit controlled loop is do…while loop 2. Do…while loop will execute at least onceeven if the condition is not satisfied whereas while loop will never execute if the condition is not satisfied 3.

While loop will check the condition first and then will execute the block whereas do…while loop will execute the block first and the check the condition. Section — C Fill in the blanks 1. Ans : i for loopii while loop or do-while loop. The paper is divided into two sections. Attempt all questions from Section-A and any four from Section-B. The intended marks for questions or parts of questions are given in brackets []Follow Case-sensitivity.

Every keyword has its own task to be performed, there were many keywords in Java, which have different built-in functions to be performed, when these keywords are declared in Java programming, their built-in feature will be performed by them, so these keywords perform an important role in Java programming.

Output of Java Programs | Set 52 (Strings Class)

Primitive datatypes are defined implicitlythey are in-built datatypes whereas user-defined datatypes are defined by the user during the execution of the program.

Primitive datatypes are not dependent on any other datatypes whereas user-defined datatypes are directly or indirectly dependent on Primitive datatypes. The default delimiter in Jva is White space.

Examples of delimiters : Semi colon ;Coma, Question mark? It is of two types :.

find the output of java program questions icse

A word is said to be palindrome, if it appears to be same after reversing its characters. Write a program in Java to initialize and array of 10 distinct names and initialize another array with their respective telephone numbers. Search for a name by the userin the list.

Write a program in Java to accept 10 integers in an array. Now display only those numbers having complete square root. Using scanner class accept the no. Accept the answer for each question, and print the frequency of true and that of false using Printwriter class.To get new programs and questions and updates in your email, whenever they are posted, kindly enter your email address below and click on the subscribe button.

Hence, the answer will be 0. Your answer to question 1 was incorrect and in question 2, 4th answer was incorrect and in question 3, the 2nd answer was incorrect. In question 3, your 2nd answer was incorrect. Java ForSchool Students d. In question 3, your 1st answer was incorrect. For those answers which you were unable to understand, kindly go through the answers given below and the reasons along with them.

Your answer to question 1 was incorrect and in question 2, your 4th answer was incorrect. Mudassir Parvez says 1.

Important Loop based Output Questions in Java - ICSE Class 10 Computer

Lava b. Java For School Students d. You did not answer question 1 and question 3. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Stay updated via RSS.

The correct answers will be posted next week. Questions: 1. Lava [because, s1. Share this: Tweet. Like this: Like Loading October 29, at am.

Java for School Students says:. November 4, at am. November 1, at pm. Zeeshan Ahmed says:. Asif says:. November 2, at am. Adnan Hadi says:. November 2, at pm. Juveria Shamim says:. November 3, at am. Hamza Yousuf says:. Mudassir Parvez says:. November 3, at pm. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment hereWhat will be the output of the following program? Execution of program starts from main. The first statement of main is a for loop which sets variable i to zero. Inside the for loop is a display statement which displays i for each iteration.

So for loop is terminated. Thus values from 0 to 5 are displayed. In case of a for loop this make no difference, but in while loop test it makes a difference. Topic: for Loop In Java.

find the output of java program questions icse

Read this topic Take test on this topic. Open In App. Try Free Demo. Join Live Class. Question Index. For loop output - Java Quiz Question. Get minimum in 3 numbers. For sample program output. Correct Answer : A Execution of program starts from main.

Score more than 2 points.

ICSE Class X Important java question and answer

Our Tutors. Find Prime Number Or Not. For loop output. For sample program output Factorial program output. Factorial program output Multi variable for loop output. Sum of all integers till a given number. Sum of numbers divisible by 5 or 7. Sum of numbers divisible by 3 or 4 between two given numbers. Print multiplication table. Find the average of numbers till given number.

Average of all even numbers till a given number. Print Fibonacci Series. Print numbers till the given number using for loop.Computer Application is very interesting subject to learn as it include algorithms, logics, coding part etc, which generally seems to very interesting to learn.

But for the purpose of Board Exam preparation it demand proper attention to understand the concept behind every topic. Than only one is able to gain good marks in Board Exams. Indian Council of Secondary Education is one of the most reputed private boards of India that serve quality education. I hope this paper will help you in this regard. Show the steps. Question 5. Write a program to accept a sentence and print only the first letter of each word of the sentence in capital letters separated by a full stop.

Write a program to create an array to store 10 integers and print the largest integer and the smallest integer in that array. Write a program to calculate the sum of all the prime numbers between the range of 1 and Write a program to store 10 names in an array. Arrange these in alphabetical order by sorting. Print the sorted list. Take single word names, all in capital letters, e.

If you would like to add something more to the content of this paper, than follow the comment section given below the post. Best of Luck for your Exam Preparation….!!!!

find the output of java program questions icse

This page consists of computer application sample paper of ICSE board. If you are going to appear this year then this will surely help you during your last days preparations.

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Practice questions on Decide if or else Level 1 Level 2. Level 1 1. Take values of length and breadth of a rectangle from user and check if it is square or not. Take two int values from user and print greatest among them.

Ask user for quantity Suppose, one unit will cost Judge and print total cost for user. Ask user for their salary and year of service and print the net bonus amount. A school has following rules for grading system: a. Below 25 - F b. Above 80 - A Ask user to enter marks and print the corresponding grade. Take input of age of 3 people by user and determine oldest and youngest among them. Write a program to print absolute vlaue of a number entered by user.

Take following input from user Number of classes held Number of classes attended. And print percentage of class attended Is student is allowed to sit in exam or not. Write a program to check whether a entered character is lowercase a to z or uppercase A to Z. Level 2 1. Write a program to check if a year is leap year or not. If a year is divisible by 4 then it is leap year but if the year is century year like, then it must be divisible by Ask user to enter age, sex M or Fmarital status Y or N and then using following rules print their place of service.

A 4 digit number is entered through keyboard. Write a program to print a new number with digits reversed as of orignal one. Download Our App. New Questions Please suggest me a very good book to learn java is it good to read documentation? It is very much confusion for most of the beginners please suggest - Java. I have a doubt on one of the questions asked in Codechef, could you please help me out with that? Create a class named 'PrintNumber' to print various numbers of different datatypes by creating different methods with the same name 'printn' having a - Java.