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M series is the new generation of V6 Mercedes engines. The 3. The M engine lies at the base of M engine design.

Ford Y-block engine

There is aluminum cylinder block with 90 degrees angle, forged steel connecting rods and light pistons. The dimension between cylinders is the same mm. The M engine also has a balancer shaft inside the engine block.

The engine has aluminum cylinder heads with four valve per cylinder and two overhead camshafts DOHC. The diameter of the intake valve is The engine was equipped with all modern technologies of engine development. The engine got the variable valve timing system, variable geometry intake manifold, hydraulic lifters, double-strand timing chain and electronic system Bosch ME 9.

The M E46 and M E55 engines are the part of this one family. Oil Leaks. Check the plastic plugs of cylinder heads; perhaps they need to be replaced. Intake manifold valves issue. The engine operates unstably with that problem.

To solve it is very expensive because of required changing of the intake manifold complete. This problem occurs on engines until Home Mercedes M 3. Mercedes M 3. Engine Specs Manufacturer. Production years. Cylinder block material. Cylinder head material. Fuel type. Number of cylinders. Valves per cylinder.

Valvetrain layout. Bore, mm. Displacement, cc. Type of internal combustion engine. Compression Ratio. Torque, lb ft. Firing order. Engine oil weight. Engine oil capacity, liter. Oil change interval, mile. Share with friends:.When you think of a ten-year-old Mercedeswhat's the first thing you imagine?

But in reality, the M and M engines actually check all of the marks offering smooth operation and strong, reliable power. First introduced by Mercedes in the SLK, the new generation of Mercedes engines was a stark departure from what was produced decades prior. Gone were the three-valve single cam M and M — replaced by a high feature, four-valve per cylinder, four-cam engine with continuously adjustable variable valve timing.

Because of these changes, these engines produced greater power with reduced noise and emissions compared to the preceding M and M The M and M could be found in all of the model classes minus the Maybach and was offered in 2. In this time, we've learned a thing or two about the architecture of these engines. The only modification we made was the single stage composite manifold offered in the SLK. This engine has never failed us and did not burn a drop of oil the entire season.

Diagram Parts List. So far with our AER C, we have been pleasantly surprised by the reliability and overall performance other than shearing wheel studs off mid corner during a race. If you want to see our C and other Mercedes contentmake sure to check back in and subscribe to our YouTube channel. Sleeper cars come in all shapes and sizes. Read More. There's seemingly always that one car in your garage that you love, but it doesn't love you back. These are 5 cars known to be a hassle that are loved anyway.

Bilstein shocks are pressurized, so no matter how many up and down motions the vehicle has, the pressure remains the same—perfect for all applications. The easiest way to keep your Mercedes-Benz feeling new is by replacing worn interior items. Pieces like the steering wheel and shift knob wear the quickest and will bring down the interior quality. A combination of imitation and competition between auto manufacturers has bred some of the best cars of all time.

As certain cars become benchmarks, auto manufacturers and marketers take aim at their. We often tend to think of automotive brands as being free-standing, independent entities with their own very individual characteristics.

There are times, however, where two well-known manufacturers. The thermostat on a Mercedes-AMG M has a finite lifespan and requires regular replacement throughout the lifetime of the vehicle. Replace yours before it fails. There was a time when the engineers at Porsche were commissioned to build a W Mercedes-Benz. This factory widebodied, V8 powered E was the result.

This air is injected by commanding an air pump and opening an air injection valve that feeds air into the injection points of the cylinder head.The Y-block engine is a family of overhead valve V8 automobile engines produced by Ford Motor Company.

The engine is known for its deep skirting, which causes the engine block to resemble a Y, whence it gets its name.

Stern Garage - M272 Ausgleichswelle 3.5 V6

It was introduced in and used in Ford cars and trucks to replace the side-valved Ford Flathead V8and replaced by the Ford FE engine on medium cars and the Ford Windsor engine on small cars inand lasted until in Ford trucks. By the famous Ford Flathead V8 had been developed about as far as it could go, [1] and by the early s the venerable Ford Flathead V8 was antiquated.

The original Lincoln V8 was also known as a Y-Block. Lincoln introduced their engine inbut it was a different design from the Ford Y-Block, and was used on large cars and Ford heavy duty trucks. One of the design qualities of the Y-Block V8 is its deep skirting which makes for a very rigid block for added strength in the bottom end. The drawback to this is it also makes for a heavy cylinder block. Because of the low detergents in oils of that era these passages would often become clogged giving the Y-Block a reputation for bad oiling to the top end.

Ford came up with a stop gap measure for this problem by feeding oil via an external tube directly to the rocker shafts from the main oil gallery.

Because of better oils today and a grooved center cam journal, a clean freshly rebuilt Y-Block should no longer have this problem and thus, no need for the external oiling tube. Cylinder heads on the Y-Block have always been a point for discussion. Ford Y-blocks can be easily identified with a quick glance into the engine bay.

The distributor is located at the back of the engine and off to one side. Also, the valve covers are held on with two bolts through the top of the covers. The Y-block was the same displacement as the old Ford Flathead V8 that it replaced but with a bigger bore and a shorter stroke 3. Advertised as the "V" engine, it ran a bore and stroke of 3. The compression ratio was 7. A final version of the in the US was released in as the B-code. It was introduced in passenger cars in Julyand in the redesigned truck lineup one month later.

The version was used on Brazilian F-series trucks until and on the Brazilian Galaxielaunched in April The shared the 3. The Ford version was the P-code "Thunderbird V8", which for cars equipped with a manual transmission had a compression ratio of 8. Cars equipped with an automatic transmission had a slightly higher compression ratio of 8. The Mercury division had two versions of the available in The standard engine had a 7. This M-code "Thunderbird V8" was now optional on all Fords.

All Ford Y-Blocks were up on power for the model year. The was available as the C-code engine option, once again with a slight difference between the manual transmission and "Fordomatic" automatic transmission. Compression was up to 9.The venerable Ford Flathead V8 was antiquated by the early s. To remain competitive, Ford created a new overhead-valve V8 engine they called the Y-Block. First introduced inthe Y-Block engine would power Ford and Mercury products for the next 10 years.

engine 272

Lincoln introduced their engine inand it was a different design from the Ford Y-Block. The distributor is located at the back of the engine and off to one side. Also, the valvecovers are held on with two bolts through the top of the covers. Ford was always the most conservative of the major automakers, holding onto older designs far longer than GM or Chrysler.

But market forces pushed Ford to develop new designs in the s. The company had designed the Y-block for a introduction, but a shortage of nickel due to Korean war needs prevented the company from manufacturing the engine in sufficient quantities. The engine displaced cubic inches and made horsepower and pound-feet of torque. Ford customers were enthusiastic about the new engine. Mercury customers received an uprated cubic inch Y-block rated at horsepower and pound-feet of torque. ForFord increased the displacement and made engines at both and cubic inches.

The made horsepower and pound-feet of torque. All basic Ford products received this engine. The engine gave Thunderbird and Mercury drivers horsepower and pound-feet. With this engine, the Thunderbird rocketed from zero to sixty in just 9. The engine variously made, or horsepower depending on the model year.

Starting inMercury dealers also offered a performance kit with alternate heads and camshaft, and a twin-four-barrel induction system that bumped output up to horsepower. The apex of Y-block performance came inwhen Ford added a Paxton supercharger to the engine. Ford introduced its big block FE engine on larger cars in The main reason for the discontinuation of the Y-block is usually given to be the hard displacement limit of about cubic inches.

However, the design has valvetrain oiling problems. The Y-block also offers very attractive performance numbers in stock form, so that owners of Ford products from the s can run a stock V8 that is correct for year, make, and model without sacrificing essential performance. We will safeguard your e-mail and only send content you request. We promise not to use your email address for anything but exclusive updates from the Power Automedia Network.

About Us Sponsors Advertising. Developing the Y-Block Ford was always the most conservative of the major automakers, holding onto older designs far longer than GM or Chrysler. Latest News. Engine Tech.

Ford 272 V8 Engine

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engine 272

Horsepower delivered to your inbox. Subscribe Now.The Jalopy Journal. Terms of Service. Privacy Policy. Log in or Sign up. Atomic Industries www. Register now to get rid of these ads! The H. Hot Rods Y-Block rebuild? Beach, Va. So I got a parts truck fer my 57 F It's got a in it. I'm wantin to rebuild it to put in my truck which orig had the same motor.

I'm wondering drawbacks, concerns, pros, cons or any useful info. IGORMar 20, I've got a new set of. Is there a reason that you want to stay with that engine family? May be interested once I find out if there's any reasons not to do this rebuild or whatever. Posted using the Full Custom H. Salt flats it's pretty much cause I have that engine.

I don't wanna go buyin somethin else cause I've got this one. Unless it's just a bad idea fer some reason. Never messed with a yblock or any other ford motor previous to this Posted using the Full Custom H. The best way to build a is bore the cyl to size the pistons are a lot cheaper. I have done this for several builds.The Mercedes-Benz M engine is an automobile piston V6 engine family used in the s decade. Introduced init is based on the M V6 introduced in The aluminum DOHC cylinder heads have 4 valves per cylinder.

Engine 272

Direct injection is used in a limited fashion on the 3. All have forged steel connecting rodsone-piece cast crankshaftiron-coated aluminum pistons and a magnesium intake manifold. Like the M, a balance shaft is installed in the engine block between the cylinder banks to deal with vibrations in the 90 degree V6 design.

This essentially eliminates first and second order moments. A dual-length Variable Length Intake Manifold is fitted to optimize engine flexibility. Continuous VVT was adopted for the first time. Featured on both the intake and exhaust camshafts, each can be varied through a range of 40 degrees. The twin spark plug system was replaced by a regular single spark plug per cylinder. New electronic coolant flow control has replaced the mechanical thermostat for improved engine warm-up and optimum control of engine temperature.

Also tumble flaps are used to improve output at low engine speeds. The E25 is a 2. The E30 is a 3. The E35 is a 3. Bore and stroke dimension is M engines that were sold between [1] [2] and with engine serial numbers below This suit was ultimately dismissed with the judge agreeing with Mercedes that because the gears fail at 60 K miles and outside of the warranty period, Mercedes is not legally responsible for these problems.

However, a second class action lawsuit was filed in October in Northern California, [7] covering Mercedes-Benz models manufactured between and The settlement terms are expected to be ratified in August These engines also have a common issue with their intake manifolds. The M also has similar issues but not to the same extent.

The plastic lever that operates the opening and closing of the variable length intake manifold can break prematurely. There are a number of third party companies that sell a replacement lever made out of metal at a much cheaper cost. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.Due to shipper and supplier delays, your order may take longer to arrive. Display Options. Already know the part number you need? Click here to enter them directly into your cart.

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engine 272

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