Double jacketed wax melter

For any Occasion! Testimonials What Our Customers. Have To Say Need Printable Pages? Watch our large production video. These Stainless Steel Tanks Melters are built to serve you for years to come. Available in 7 sizes to fit most any need Custom sizes available upon request We have WaxMelters and SoapMelters of all sizes, from the smallest of our soap melters, the 6 gallon Water Jacketed Tank, to the largest of our stock waxmelters, the gallon Water Jacketed Tank.

All Purpose Melter Melter shown with. Pitchers Not Included Melter shown with. Pots Not Included.

double jacketed wax melter

Optional Lid. Check out our. This is one Very Versatile Melter! Great for Wax projects, Candles, Melt and Pour, Lip Balms, anything that requires varied ingredients, scent or colors in small quantities. Easy to Control Super Fast Heat Water-Bath-Safe, for your heat sensitive materials. With the heating element right in the water-bath, you get a very fast heat time. The Pitchers or Pots are placed in a water-bath on a stainless steel plate, which is supported above the heating element.

Our 64 oz Stainless Steel Pitchers are perfect for delicate, precise pours in waxes, glycerin based soaps, lip balms, etc. Holds 6 each. Our economical, 64 oz Aluminum Pitchersallow the handles to rest outside of the melter for quick, easy access.

Holds 7 each. Need more volume and easier access to the liquids? Includes a handy drain valve. Just set it next to the sink or drain into a pot or bucket, when you want to change the water. Hand Holds are lasered into the body of the melting tank to allow easy transport from one location to another.

The All Purpose Melter is made of durable, Stainless Steel construction, built for a lifetime of hard work. Temperature test on All Purpose Melter:.

Starting Room Temp. The element is easy to replace but will last many years if you keep the water level above the steel plate. Tough stainless steel construction. Oil-Wax Heater Melter. Question: The ball valve split on my tank. What do we do now? Answer: You did not explain how you think it split but I can tell you what we have found over the years.

If this is not it then please explain.

Beekeeper's Beeswax Cheap Effective Solar Wax Melter. By Beekeeper Tim Durham WallsBeeMan in MS

If someone is removing the ball valve for cleaning which is not necessary to remove to cleaneach time it is taken off and on the threads will wear. It is also unlikely that the Teflon tape will be replaced which then means that the number of turns to retighten change.Now provided at no additional cost! Willow Way designs and manufactures Melting Tanks. Our high quality Melting Tanks are all Stainless Steel construction with a Water Jacketed design and will be a welcome addition to your business.

Multi purpose and built with the best materials our customers have come to expect. These Melting Tanks will serve your needs under constant use for many years. Our water jacketed melting tanks are available in 7 sizes. The smallest is a cute 6 gallon Melting Tank and our largest stock size is gallons.

We also build Custom melting tank sizes which are available upon request. If you don't find what you need here just call or Contact Us. No job is too Small or Large Most Tanks with Sloped Bottoms!

Our exclusive Sloped Bottom inner tank increases your tank's Efficiency. Eliminates having to tilt your tank or stand to get the last drops out. Clean up is much easier too! Our Products. All Stainless Construction Isn't it cute? Easy Fill Bottler Provides accurate filling Pneumatically operated Customized to your needs read more here. Tank Insulation Jackets Cut your energy usage drastically!

Cover your oil melting tank with an insulation jacket. These Industries benefit from our All Purpose Tanks. Also great for making Fruit Jams.

All rights reserved Worldwide.Cranking the Heat on the Melters! September is here, and things are starting to buzz within the industry. As the busy holidays start to consume every waking minute of our candle making time, it is important to think about how we are going to get all that waxgeland soap melted for the approaching season. The answer is to purchase the correct melter that fits your needs.

The following article shows you the basics on melters and attempts to explain every possible piece of information you need to know when purchasing a melter. Where to Start? Your first choice is to determine how large of a melter you need for the task. If you are just starting out, and just making a few candles of each scent, you can melt a large batch in the melter and simply stir your recipe into a pour pot individually until you grow your business large enough to fill the entire melter with just one flavor per batch.

We found that an enthusiast or hobbyist gets the best results with a lb or even a lb melter. If you are in a business or want to start a business, a lb melter direct heat or water jacket is a great starting point. If you already have a melter, you can purchase a larger melter to feed into your existing set up to increase melt times. For example, if you have a lb melter, you can purchase a lba lba lbor a 1,lb melter to feed into it.

This way you pull lbs off the large vat and can put fresh wax into the already melted wax to start melting while you pour the lbs off. Direct vs. Water Jacket Another choice to be made is picking between a direct-heat or a water jacket melter. These two styles are aptly named by the type of heating process they use when heating your wax, gel, or soap. The main difference between these 2 styles is the direct-heat melter uses wire elements within the walls of the unit, and the water jacket simulates a double boiler method by using an element to heat water in the walls of the unit.

Both units work very well, and boost candle making production whether it be for a commercial business application 1, lb melter or a simply a busy candle enthusiast 35 lb melter. If you never ever used a heater before, you will appreciate either style of unit. These heaters tend to be a great bet for small to medium sized operations.

They are insulated fairly well with only the lid, top rim, and spout getting really hot. The walls of the unit only warm a bit over extended periods of heating. This helps reduce heat in tight work spaces. These units have heated spouts. They are porcelain lined, so a little bit of care should be taken when choosing a stir rod. Most people use wood or a dull stirrer to help protect the inside.

These are the only units suitable for gel wax. Please note these units require an outlet that matches their style of plug. One prong is sideways like in the picture shown, one slot on the wall outlet looks like a side ways "T". Water Jacket The water jacket heat melter comes in many sizes ranging from 35 pounds to as large as 1, pounds.

These heaters tend to used by operations of all sizes. They are made from gauge stainless steel and are not insulated, which means all parts of the unit get hot. This is usually not a problem since the busy season is when the colder seasons approach.

They warm tight work spaces in facilities with no central heating such as a garage, barn, shed, or small warehouse. They are thick gauge stainless steel inside, so they can take a beating.

These are workhorses suitable for an industrial environment.You can register on our website using the exact company name that is on your company's W-9 or corporate return.

double jacketed wax melter

Start off by verify your company's address, fill in appropriate boxes, then click submit. Once you are you registered you can access the website features.

If you forget your username or password, click here, enter your email address and we will email you your account information. If you forget your email address, please contact your sales representative. EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used melters along with various other preowned equipment.

Our exclusive contracts with our clients yield a wide range of used melters from a number of respected OEMs, including W. Smith Inc. If you do not see the used melter you are looking for, call one of our representatives and we will find it for you. We can also source the right tooling and change parts that you need through our huge network of corporate clients from around the globe. Amount to Convert:. Fluid Ounces:. Cubic Feet:. Cubic Yards:. Cubic Meters:. Contact Phone. Contact Email.

How do I register? More FAQs. Home Equipment Categories Melters Used Melters EquipNet is the world's leading provider of used melters along with various other preowned equipment. Showing 1 - 6 of 6 listings. Citus 60 liters Melter Listing:. Corporate Headquarters EquipNet, Inc.Model L Pail Warmer Stainless steel single wall tank that holds four or six plastic 5-gallon pails and melts crystallized honey.

Chromolux electric immersion heater is temperature controlled. Complete with stand.

Oil/Wax Tanks

Four Pail Warmer Model L. Six Pail Warmer Model L. Stainless Steel No-Drip Valve. Liquifier and Wax Melting Tank 18 gauge stainless steel single wall around a tank that holds one 5-gallon pail of honey on a metal rack. Also used as a wax melting tank. Dump your cappings into the hot water. Wax rises to top, honey in middle layer, water on lower layer. Separate ball valve drain off layers individually. Complete with everything including chromolux immersion heater.

A very popular unit. This 18 gauge all stainless steel water jacketed tank is perfect for melting down clean wax, or bottling honey. It can be fitted with either our no drip valve for dispensing honey, or a 1" ball valve for wax. Now comes standard with thermometer, and immersion heater. Sold complete, ready to use! Just add your wax, or honey!Water jacketed melters allow you to safely keep your wax liquified over a long period of time without running the risk of burning it. Water jacket melters have only one electrical part the element that is easily removed if it needs replacing which means there is no need to send your melter away or employ a trades person to repair it.

Just replace the heater by screwing a new one in place. The melter features a temperature gauge on the front of the unit. Place the melter on a sturdy bench and ensure that there is good access to put a container under the the pouring tap.

Water Jacketed Stainless Steel Tanks

Fill the jacket of the melter with water all the way to the top so that you can see the water. Now plug in the melter and turn it on and set the temperature to your desired heat setting.

Add wax flakes into the melter and allow to melt to desired temperature. When pouring melted wax from the melter to a mixing or pouring jug the temperature can drop a few degrees, compensate for this by increasing the temperature setting on the melter.

Never operate the wax melter without ensuring it is full of water. Failure to keep the water level topped up will result in damage to the heating element. Heating elements are not covered under warranty. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

During stage 4 lockdown our warehouse is closed. You can still place orders online but they will not be dispatched at this time. Would you like us to email you when more stock is available? Yes, please email me! Reviews There are no reviews yet. Rated 5. Wishlist Remove all. Instructions 1.At Willow Way, we design and manufacture our line of Water Jacketed Oil Tanks Melters for heating and melting room temperature solid oils, vegetable butters and candle wax.

Also great for making Handcrafted Soaps. We have served the HandCrafted Body Care Industry since using only the finest materials available.

double jacketed wax melter

Available in 7 sizes to fit most any need… from a 6 gallon Water Jacketed Tank to the largest of our stock melter heater tanks, the gallon Water Jacketed Tank. Custom sizes are available upon request. You get controlled even heat distribution with a water jacketed tank design. No hot spots that could scorch your product. Model 6MH.

Water Jacketed Melters - Type WJ40

More Profit! Adding items to cart will redirect you to our secure shopping cart at soapequipment. A water jacket tank is a great step up from a double boiler when working with larger quantities of oils or other ingredients that require melting and heating. Our Willow Way water jacketed tank design gives you more precise temperature control and even heat distribution without hot spots that could burn or scorch your products.

We Welcome International Orders! Serving over Countries and counting The 20 Gallon lbs Oil Melting Tank gives you precise temperature control. The water jacket design ensures even heat distribution without hot spots that could burn your oils, butters, wax, or other products. Tanks are constructed with Cosmetic Grade Stainless and can be used for Certified Organic production. There is no need to tilt your tank or stand to get those last few precious drops out of the tank.

For International customers with volt 50 or 60 cycle we substitute our volt, watt Heater - Thermostat. Domestic customers that wish to use volt, just order our Model 20MH There is no additional charge.