Cervelo p2 sl

There are no surprises here. Every pre-owned bicycle we sell is serviced, inspected, and rated. Wear items — such as chains, brake pads, and tires — are replaced if they have less than 50 percent life. Beyond those consumables, the condition chart above shows you what to expect.

To create every chart, our experts inspect each bike and rate its components on a scale of The Overall Rating is the average of those individual components, helping you tell how much overall wear this bike has. What about bikes rated ? All orders are processed and shipped in one business day. We also offer ground, 2-day, and overnight options for all orders.

We offer a day return policy. In the unfortunate event that you need to return an item, please contact us within thirty 30 days of receiving your package. Refunds will be issued in the form of store credit. If we made an error or the product you received was not as described, we will cover the full amount of shipping. A return authorization form must accompany all returns to efficiently process your refund. Buyer is responsible for the return shipping cost. These bicycles are good as new, often built right out of the box from the manufacturer.

Original stickers, parts, and accessories are included. The frame and wheels might have minor blemishes or scuffs from transportation or showroom display. Drivetrain, levers, cockpit, and suspension where applicable are in new condition. While these bikes have been ridden, they remain in excellent condition. Frame and wheels show slight signs of wear with only minor scuffs and scratches — no paint chipping. The drivetrain shows light wear but the derailleurs, shifters, and levers have not sustained any damage.

The cockpit has light wear, primarily on the grips or handlebar tape. Bikes with suspension components have minor scuffs and scratches on the fork legs and shock, and the stanchions are immaculate.

cervelo p2 sl

To earn a rating in this range, bicycles have sustained some wear but no significant damage. The drivetrain will have wear from normal usage and there will be slight scratches and scuffs on derailleurs, shifters, and levers. Cockpit, saddle, and suspension lowers where applicable will also have cosmetic scuffs and scratches. Bikes in this range are well-loved and have moderate wear. Frames are not dented.

Alloy rims may have minor dents. The drivetrain has moderate to heavy wear. Handlebars, stem, derailleurs, and levers show moderate scuffing or scratches, and the saddle might have slight tears.Buy and sell with more thancyclists on the go!

If you are not yet a member,why not register using your facebook account or sign up directly to Togoparts. Still have trouble logging in? Get Help.

Help fellow cyclists get to know our local shops better in 20 words or more! All Pages Magazine Forum Marketplace. Post Ad. Browse All. Manage Ads. Shortlisted Ads. Following Ads. Buy Tcredits. Advertise on Togoparts. Singapore Malaysia Indonesia. Not Rated Yet. The P2 SL tubing has been refined with the Smartwall 2 set, further reducing the weight while increasing the stiffness. The finish is upgraded to an anodization to offer the best possible scratch-resistance.

Print The parts kit is stepped up another notch to DuraAce, offering pro performance at a very affordable price. Year after year, P2SL picked up top honors in the roadbikereview. It was even used by professional cyclists and picked up a World Time Trial Championship title along the way by far the least expensive frame to have such honors.

The downtube, seattube and seatpost all feature Cerv? Rearwheel cutout - The seattube features a tight-fitting rearwheel cutout to further improve the aeordynamics. The frame has horizontal dropouts with set-screws to allow the rider to adjust the cutout gap depending on the size of tire used, and ensures that the airflow from the seattube to the rearwheel is as smooth as possible for tire sizes from mm.

Easy to install, easy to service, easy to keep clean and improved aerodynamics. More aero - The tight-fitting rearwheel cutout improves the aerodynamics by guiding the airflow smoothly from the seattube onto the rearwheel.

Aero carbon post - The P2 SL comes standard with the flippable aero carbon seatpost the flippable aero Aluminum seatpost is standard on the Dual. TrueAero When Cerv? These tubeshapes are the result of years and years of research and do a very good job of reducing the aerodynamic drag created by the tubes. We manufactured extrusion dies specifically for these NACA profiles, as it was the only way to get the tube shapes accurate.

The common way to shape tubes in the bike industry is by forming a nice word for crushing a round tube into that shape, but there are severe limitations with that approach.

For starters, one cannot risk weakening the tube so there is a limit to how far a tube can be squeezed. At the trailing edge of an aero shape this becomes especially obvious, as the NACA profiles require a very tight radius but this can simply not be attained by forming without risking micro cracks.Swim Bike Run.

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Cervelo P2-SL 54cm Bike - 2008

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Cervelo Triathlon / TT Bikes 2018: P5X, P5, P3, P2 - Buyer's Guide.

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Learn more. The R-Series bikes are engineered to help you achieve your glory - whatever that is for you. World Tour riders praise their unrivalled stiffness, light weight, and stable handling. This supreme all-round racing machine sets new benchmarks for lightness, stiffness, and confidence-boosting handling.

cervelo p2 sl

The stiff, lightweight frame and confidence-inspiring handling add up to a pro-calibre ride at real-world prices. Our C-Series is designed to give you the confidence to explore, whether on an all-day epic or a short spin before work. A versatile endurance bike suitable for everything from midweek spins to weekend bike packing trips.

The C2 is a fun, all-round bike that'll take you where you want to go, however long it takes. We continue the tradition with the new S-Series. Win the group ride sprint on this supremely stiff and aerodynamic speed machine. Years of dedicated research, development, and testing, all focussed on building the perfect bikes for triathletes. Radically engineered to be the faster, better handling gravel race bike.

The P2 will let you focus on training and racing, rather than stressing about your bike. It has flexible storage options an accessory mount on the top tube and bottle carrier mount on the seat post and a wide range of fit options, so you can dial in your optimal position.

The aero features that have made the P2 a trusted choice on the Kona Pier for a decade are all found on this model: a dropped down tube, extended seat-tube cutout, and shielding seat stays. These frame shapes work together to reduce drag and make you faster. You will feel it from your first pedal stroke: a stiff response that inspires you to pedal harder and go faster.

The P2's frame is carefully engineered for an optimal stiffness to weight ratio for impressive power transfer and stable and precise handling. A combination of material, shape, and lay up are used to engineer the desired stiffness of different parts of the frame.

For the P2 we optimized the stiffness of the head tube, for stable and predictable handling, and the stiffness of the bottom bracket, so that more of your power goes into turning the rear wheel. The P2 applies all the learnings we made in developing bikes like the P5 and P5X to provide class leading aerodynamic performance, beating the competition in its price range.

Adding to this, the P2 can easily be upgraded, so you can work your way towards even greater aero performance. Allow Cookies. Find a Retailer. Advanced Search.

See All Series Arrow. Classic Road. R5 This supreme all-round racing machine sets new benchmarks for lightness, stiffness, and confidence-boosting handling. R2 The stiff, lightweight frame and confidence-inspiring handling add up to a pro-calibre ride at real-world prices. Endurance Road. C3 A versatile endurance bike suitable for everything from midweek spins to weekend bike packing trips.

C2 The C2 is a fun, all-round bike that'll take you where you want to go, however long it takes.Home Sitemap Latest Pages Contact. I spent a lot of time researching before buying the Cervelo P2 and took a while to decide between this one and a carbon frame in another brand. I think it was really worth spending the extra money on a well known and respected frame manufacturer, but having said that it definitely seems to be great value for money.

Sometimes I can't believe this bike is aluminium!

Cervelo P2-SL Pro Review

The frame of the P2 SL is only 60 grams heavier than the carbon P2C version and a lot less expensive. The 54cm P2C frame weighs approximately 3. Whilst it is a little on the heavy side it more than makes up for this with its aerodynamics. My last bike was a road bike with added aero bars. The difference is amazing, and the P2 is so much more comfortable. It is very fast on the flats and downhills as well as a comfortable bike to be in the aero position.

The aerodynamics are fantastic. I can accelerate much faster and it really feels like all the power is transferred from the pedals to the rear wheel. Because it is so aerodynamic and I am comfortable on it, it is a lot easier to go faster. It handles well, is stable and a lot more comfortable over bumps than my old bike. The Ultegra setup is very smooth and responsive. There are spacers above the headtube so that the stem can be lowered, meaning you can get that perfect fit.

The bike is reliable and I have confidence in it - when I shift gears I know it's going to go into the gear combo I intended to shift into. The internally routed cables and the rear wheel cutout are also great features.

With the internal cables, I was worried about shifting. However, this bike shifts better than some external cabled frames I've ridden. The Cervelo P2 also looks great. The tube shapes look good and the black scratch proof finish really makes it look elegant. The only things that I have changed about the bike are the saddle, and the wheels.

The wheels that came with it were pretty basic and I seemed to puncture a lot. All in all, I would recommend this bike for anyone beginner and intermediate triathlete. If you want a great, fast, comfortable good-looking bike at a reasonable cost, this is the one for you. Click here to post comments. Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. Simply click here to return to Reviews Of Triathlon Bikes.The Pew Center reports that the fastest growing religion is no religion.

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cervelo p2 sl

How To Do Life Long-term trends that people involved in strategic planning should consider. Adverse effects of women's empowerment in society Submitted by Ziggy on November 15, 2017 - 4:34am Thank you for drawing attention to the fact that "women's empowerment efforts are often creating antipathy toward men". Post Comment Your name E-mail The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. In Print: The Best of Marty Nemko: The best of his 3,000 articles on career, living, and making a difference.

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cervelo p2 sl

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What would be your ultimate tip for anyone thinking of going sugar-free.

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The most important thing is not to beat yourself up if you slip - just pick it up again the next day. Be realistic, make sure you have something sweet but free of refined sugars in the fridge in case you get a craving.

Whether you're looking for sweet substitutes, sugar-free baking guides or simply want to find out your recommended daily amounts find all the answers in our sugar hub:All you need to know about sugarStill struggling to get your head round sugar.

Let us know your questions below and we'll do our best to help. Comments (11) Questions (2) Tips (0) I am one year today into a lifestyle change, gave up a HUGE addiction to sugar that had me stuffing my face with chocolate every night. I say this because I am very disappointed at how this article handles the topic, with no science around the process of giving it up, no clarity around what makes sugar unhealthy, and spreads myths about what is "sugar".

Being "natural" means nothing. Poison Ivy is natural, doesn't mean you should eat it (I know I know hyperbole, but the point is that "natural" is just a marketing term). I am very passionate about this topic, as I have found the benefits of ending my sugar addiction to be extremely positive for my physical and mental health.

I thought sugar was making my anxiety worse, and since giving it up I've noticed a huge positive change. I think more clearly, I'm less re-active when I feel upset, and I can focus for much longer periods of time, which really helps me at work. I'm just writing this to help point people in the right direction. If you're interested in learning what differentiates "bad" and "good" sugar, I recommend the documentary The Sugar Film, which I've linked to below.

I just hate to see people given poor health advice, when good choices from good advice can make such a huge difference in your life, help you handle everyday stresses and even large crises, by giving you confidence, strength, energy and overall health. I've been a diabetic for almost 10 years now. The best advice i got was to cut back on starchy foods. White bread to sugar free wheat bread. I can usually hit my target sugars round 150 mgdl by lunch and less than 180 mgdl by dinner.

My wife wont let me have any fruit now in whatever form. Have been searching everywhere in the web for alternatives that dont involve sweeteners as i get really bad side effects from it, usually diarrhea.

A common misconception in weight loss is that you need to eat less, when in reality the opposite holds true. If you restrict your calories, you will eventually slow your metabolism. I was in danger of developing Type 2 diabetes. I was advised to cut out sugar and to cut right down on carbohydrates.

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It has taken 3 months to stop craving sugar now I can manage without. However, there are some great recipes in this book for families. I've done a few of the main meal ones and we have all really enjoyed them.